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Hello Daisies! I thought it might be fun to share my top 5 sources for inspiration right now. I have Emily to thank for talking me into joining Instagram earlier this year. I am so glad that I did because it has been a wonderful resource for all sorts of inspiration! I love that it is handy on my phone and that a simple search for something like “goldendoodles” can literally lead you on an adventure! {Some of you may recall that we had a puppy for a short week this past spring. One reason for that was finding some cute, local goldendoodles through IG!} I love finding new feeds and people and places that I would never have the opportunity to see without things like Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. My biggest issue is that there is always way more to see and not enough time for me to soak up all the goodness!

So today I am bringing you some pictures and links to some of my current favorites. Some are new to me, and others are just so good every time a new image or post is uploaded. I made this collage because I love the mood boards that I see all over the place. They are great inspirations in and of themselves to jumpstart a scrap layout based on color or pattern or even a sketch! I picked 5 categories to be represented and they are all fall-themed right now too. So enjoy if you are in autumn and tag along if you happen to live somewhere that is winter, spring or summer right now!


The five categories are: nature, travel, food, fashion and of course, scrap/craft inspiration as well! This first image popped off the screen to me. The colors and texture and simple beauty struck me and I have been drawn in to the IG feed and blog of too.


This next one is a friend of mine, that some of you might know or recall from the days of Scrap-In-Style. Michelle is a world-traveler and she takes some of the most incredible pictures as she ventures from place to place with her young family. I love that her photos and snippets make me feel as though I escaped to the many beautiful places she highlights…so amazing!


Food. What can I say. I could browse through food photos all day long and still want more. Sort of like a craving that is never satisfied! =) Luckily images are calorie-free and some of the pictures on have become my new favorites. I am so anxious to try out this Apple Cinnamon loaf with local honey crisp apples. It’s fun to be inspired and try new things at the same time too!


Fashion/Lifestyle photography is something that fuels my creativity on many levels. The images at are a great mix and this image, in particular as the weather gets more and more crisp where I live, is one I pinned awhile back, but I still love it and just want to wear the whole ensemble. Cute and so fitting for fall!


I know we are all inspired by so many creative people and places online. We all have different styles and visuals that make our heart beat faster. For me, my friend {also formerly on the SIS design team as a fashionista back in the day} Debee Campos never disappoints. Her love of color and black & white and everything in between- {including cupcakes and glitter!} make me want to stop whatever it is I’m doing and go make something right then and there. I LOVE that kind of inspiration! Even the smallest thing, like a mini seasonal bunting is so sweet when she puts her special touch on it. Her blog and instagram account brighten my days often!


I hope that the mini mood board collage and links here have given you a tiny dose of inspiration this Tuesday. I would love for you to leave a link or two if you have a favorite, person, place or gelato that you fond of, in the comments here. Our own Cocoa Daisy gallery is one more spot you can go to that never fails to give a healthy dose of inspiration. Feel free to click over there and leave a comment or two on some of the pages or projects to let someone know they inspired you too! Lastly, don’t forget that Cocoa Daisy is also on Instagram and Pinterest too. So you can get as much inspiration as your heart can take! Have an inspiring Tuesday, dear Daisies! xo Jody

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