Monthly Set Up: How I set up to run my Month

I was really torn as to what to post for my very first on the Cocoa Daisy Blog post!!  It’s hard to know what sort of content you all want to see, but since it’s the end of April, I thought why not give you a glimpse of how I set up for my next month of planning.

You see I plan in a Personal Dori for on the go, a ring bound planner for Social Media content, and I also keep a Bullet Journal for at home planning that my Husband can glance at if he needs to see what is happening.  Honestly he probably only uses the Meal Plan section, but I like to have a week and month at a glance for him to see and plan what things we do together and his soccer and golf times.

I have done 3 different videos, so you can watch what you want.

The first video is setting up my Social Media Planner in my ring bound planner.  For May I chose my Kikki K cat planner because I love the blue/mint color and it matches a couple of the colors in May.

This next video is all about my personal on the go planner, setting up the dashboards, and setting up my Personal Dori for the month, this month again I chose to plan vertically, but I also added back in my tip out meal planner pages because I love them so much!!

In the last video, I do a quick set up of my Monthly and 1 weekly view of my bullet journal,  I love that you can use Cocoa Daisy stickers with any style of planning, they are so versatile!!

I really hope you enjoyed this little series of set up videos, and I hope they inspire you in whatever style of planning you do!

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  1. Simone Schermann

    Wow – three videos, Lindsay! I’m impressed. Off to watch them now to see your different planners! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Lindsay Sasseville

      Thank you! They were so fun to make!

  2. Laura Daniels

    Hey girl! Enjoyed the videos! My favorite was seeing how you used the laminator to make dividers! Can you share dear lilies website please or etsy shop

  3. Audrey

    Hi, I really enjoyed your videos– what kind of personal dori do you have? it is beautiful…

    • Lindsay Sasseville

      Thank you! I am using a Chic Sparrow Mr. Darcy Burgundy at the moment, And the insert is a Personal Size Daisy Dori from Cocoa Daisy 🙂


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