Welcoming Audrey “Did someone say Metallica?” Yeager

We are so happy to have Audrey Yeager joining us with our April kit, Real Life. Her beautiful artistic style is a perfect match for our colorful kit, don’ you think? Be sure to check out her gallery as the weeks go on, she didn’t get a chance to work with the kit before Reveal because of a delay in the shipping, but you’ll see it fill up throughout March.
Until then, please read on and get to know Audrey!
Hello everyone!  My name is Audrey Yeager and I have been scrapbooking for about 11-12 years. I started before I had kiddos, and used to document my life with friends and family. Now, most of my scrapping focuses on the everyday shenanigans of my kids (now 7 and 5) and our family. Cocoa Daisy was actually one of the first online communities I joined back in 2009, and I was so inspired by people like Ronda Palazzari and Kim Watson! I scrapbook for two reasons:  to document memories, and to express my creative side.  I LOVE being crafty, and have been all my life!  In addition to scrapping, I also love to quilt and find myself alternating between scrappy and quilty binges.  I ran an online scrapbook store for a little over 2 years but I got burnt out from the “business” end and closed the store. I took a few months away, and then my scrappy mojo returned tenfold!  I realized that I want to CREATE and CAPTURE, and I felt so rejuvenated! Outside of scrapping, I pretend to be a “domestic engineer”, but the piles of dishes and laundry and the dust bunnies on the floor would suggest I’m not very good at it!  I also returned to work part time this year teaching AP Biology at an Independent high school and I LOVE LOVE my job!  My other hobbies include playing in a volleyball league a few times a week; basic “homesteading” including raising chickens, making homemade syrup, and gardening; listening to hard rock and heavy metal; watching lots of sci-fi shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones; and occasionally feeling inspired to cook!  Thank you to the Cocoa Daisy team for inviting me to guest design this month!
We love the answers our guest designers share to our questionnaire, Audrey did not disappoint!
1. When is your most creative time?
After the kiddos go to bed and late into the night! I am a night owl for sure, most nights staying up til 1-2am.

2. How do you unwind?
Binge watching TV, going for a walk, or crafting.

3. If you were in a Rock N’ Roll band, what would your job be?
Definitely the lead singer!   I am ALWAYS listening to rock in my car and singing at the top of my lungs…I’m sure other drivers must think I’m nuts…lol.
4. What is your guilty pleasure?
Ya know, I used to feel guilty about doing things for pleasure, but I don’t anymore.  I have learned that if you want to be fully present in other aspects of your life, you have to take time to enjoy the things you want to, too.  It’s all about balance.  That being said, I do spend an awful lot of time crafting!  🙂  And as far as food goes, my guilty pleasure is ice cream.
5. If your life was a movie, what actress would play you?
Probably Drew Barrymore…she cute, but silly and goofy sometimes!
6. What’s your favorite accessory?
Big Silver Hoop earrings!
7. If your life were a novel, what would the title be?
To Be Continued….

8. What was your first job and how did you get it?
I worked at a drug store (It was Carl’s Drugs, then bought out by Fay’s, and then Eckerd’s).  I was 14 and my mom was an acquaintance with one of the managers.
9. Share three of your bucket list items with us.
1: Attending a Metallica Concert (which I am EXCITED to say will be happening in MAY!  Just bought my tickets last week!!)
2: Traveling more..I would love to tour around the US and see all it’s landmarks…maybe try to visit each state.
3: I have always dreamed about living in NYC for a year or 2, by myself, just to explore and learn.

10. What is “dressed up” for you?
A dress and heels.  I wear makeup just about everyday, and on work days I am dressy/casual.  On days I am home I am in workout clothes and sweatshirts (and no bra!  🙂 ).

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