Farewell to 2016 – A Years Review…Why, Where & How – Video Link included

At the end of every year/ start of the new year, I like to finish my years scrapbook album with a final review of the year layout.

This is a page with each month listed and just a quick review on what has happened or what we’ve done for that month. I never go in to great detail, it’s just a quick look back on the year. It’s really nice to have this within the one page almost acting like an index to your scrapbook and I feel it’s a really good way to finish the years scrapbook album and close it up. It’s also surprising sometimes when you look back on the year, just what has happened all within 12 months.

I have a video of me creating my page using the January Kit here for you.

I also have some tips on the best and easiest way to tackle this so that it becomes a quick page to make, rather than a lengthy task.

I thought it would be fun to ask some of the other team members to join in. Each one has created their page completely differently which I love. It’s so interesting to see how we each put our own spin on this years review project.

Kylie… ”Here is my completed layout for Year in Review. I’ve chosen a grid design. I couldn’t truly decide on a photo for each particular month, so instead I chose photos that reflected special memories for us as an overall picture.I didn’t focus on neat, even cutting or spacing.I liked the wonkiness and ruffled edges.I have used supplies from both the December and January kits”.

And a close up to see Kylie’s beautiful layers.

Moonlee made a two-page layout before she got the January kit. By spacing the review over the two pages this gives her much more space to play with, for larger photos and more documenting and you can add more of a design to the spread too.
All the photos were taken in different cities that they were visiting in 2016. A really nice way to look back on the year. 

Suz is next with another different approach to this. ”I am creating a two- page spread although a photoless design would be perfectly suitable. I just am having a hard time narrowing down my photos to a dozen or so. LOL”.

”I used the moon phased rub-one from January’s kit as bullet points. Alas, I am not as good at applying rub-ons as I have been in the past evidently, so I am going with the “perfectly imperfect” look. And oh, how I wish I would slow down and hand write the way I used to (neatly!) LOL”.

I love how Suz has adapted this to suit her own needs. It’s a really good way to end the years scrapbook with a quick review of the year. I like this different approach.

This has been such a fun and also rewarding project to make. I always feel a sense of achievement after completing this page.

I hope this inspires you to create one yourself. It doesn’t have to be a traditional scrapbooking page at all of course, you could create a mini book of the year or it could be a pocket page to go at the back of your pocket album too. Whatever your ‘thing’ is….why not finish it with a years review??!!



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