Come plan with me! January overview with Kylie.

Hello lovely Daisies!

A belated Happy New Year to you all.I hope 2017 is shaping up to be fabulous for you!

Today I am taking you on a little planner tour! I’m sharing my January set up as well as a few tips and tricks along the way.If you are like me you have moments where all you have time to do is scribble an appointment in,and hope you wrote it on the right day.I’m also totally guilty of blank planner pages! I love that the Cocoa Daisy’s planner pages have absolutely stunning graphics printed for us each month.They really are pieces of art! So if I haven’t the time to be adding all the little extras, I know my pages will look amazing anyway! For my January set up I am using products from my main scrapbooking kit,DITL kit as well as planner kits from past and present.Its a great way to use up all those little bits and pieces.

Here is a little look at my opening page for January.I couldn’t resist adding a few little bling diamonties to the snowflake! This month there was the gorgeous silver glitter washi tape in the kit.I love the stars on it! I have used it on a lot of my pages along the punched holes as a border.

I love to fill my planner pockets with lots of bits and pieces that I may add into my pages at any time.I also have placed one of this months notepads inside for jotting down any extra notes.

As you turn the front page I have set up the first printed page as a monthly expenses overview.I also love taking some of my fave cards from the Day In The Life Kits and making little bookmarks and decorative pieces for the month.

Here is a look at my monthly spread.Aren’t the graphics divine??I’ve cut down some of the little paper squares from one of the papers in my main kit and they fitted beautifully,adding some cute detail. Also, I love using stamps in my planners! Such a great way to fill in little spaces! Those cute little hearts were from the January kits!

I turned my Yearly overview page into my Birthday tracker!

I love to add in little photos to some of the printed pages too! I’ve used lots of decorative stamping again.The quote stamp and the ‘love you’ tag were from the December kits.The pink sprinkles stamp you see (and I’m obsessed with), were from the November kits.

Here is a typical weeks layout for me.Again, I use stamps everywhere!

This is the little sprinkles stamp I mentioned previously.

And the Prima ink pad from this month was fantastic.I hadn’t used this type before and I love how it is shaped like a little iron.

I use these next two pages for meal planning and my grocery list.If I have time I like to stamp my meal plan!

These pages I use to track my current online purchases I am waiting to arrive.(I was a little naughty this month, indulging in some post Christmas Sales!) I have also made a little pocket for storing things like receipts and etc in.I love adding these each month! If I am in a hurry and need somewhere safe to put something,this is the first place it goes!

This was super easy to make.Here’s how I made mine-

First I trimmed down each side of a spare daily to-do page……

Next I cut it down by half and then using it as a guide, cut a strip of plain card stock the same width.I then cut the card stock around twice the height like so…….

Then, using double sided tape, I ran it along the sides and underneath of the cut planner page.Once attached to your cardstock it forms your basic pocket.

Finally, I rounded the top corners (totally optional), and with a 6 hole planner punch, punched the holes on the side edge.TIP- Don’t own a planner punch? That’s OK you don’t need one.Using the strip of paper you cut off earlier, use as a guide with a regular hole punch.This works totally fine too!

Ta-Dah! One cute little planner pocket all ready to go.

So there you have it friends! I hope you have enjoyed seeing inside my planner this month, and it has inspired you for your own pages.Cocoa Daisy’s kits sell out so fast each month so to avoid disappointment, don’t forget to subscribe! You can do so here.

Until next time, keep creating!

Much love,

Kylie aka Paper Sweetpea


  1. Karen Ott

    stealing pocket! ? ??? Pink heart charm! I need to use more stamps and those heart stickers! Thank you for sharing!

    • KylieK

      Thanks so much! I’m glad it has inspired you. xo

  2. Juanita

    Comment Love ? everthing, especially the pocket. You are also an enabler – my sub is for the Dori kit, I think I also need the ring bound planner pages now, love the birthday page. Thanks again ??.

    • KylieK

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad it has inspired you!

  3. Janet Perafan-Babar

    Such greatness Kylie!!!!!

  4. Laura Daniels

    Kylie! Love the receipt pocket idea I am going to start doing that also! And I really enjoyed your walk through of your planner setup… I hope you’ll plan to do one each month, with each new kit! Have a great day my friend! Laura IG @planningmyday

  5. Simone Schermann

    Ha! You actually used a pen on these pages. 😉

    • Kylie Kingham

      Yes Simone, now you can see why I like my typewriter so much! My typewriter was my February birthday present.From March onwards my planner pages are nice and tidy!


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