Project Art – March

Hello! It’s Anna here with some ideas for this month’s Project Art kit!

The March Project Art kit contains a set of five PanPastels in the colours Yellow Ochre, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Blue Extra Dark, Permanent Green and Neutral Grey, blending tools and a set of tags and wood veneer butterflies. If you are new to PanPastels, they are wonderful and fun to work with. They are artist’s pastel colours, manufactured in a pan instead of in the more typical stick format. They function as a dry paint and you can mix and blend them. Although they are pastels, they is very little dust. The colours are to be used directly from the pan and they are compatible with many different materials such as acrylics, inks, pencils, watercolours and more. They are also erasable using a regular eraser, and they can be applied in semi-transparent layers, achieving a darker and darker tone the more pastel you apply. It’s a good idea to seal the finished work with some kind of fixative, for example a spray fixative for charcoal and pastels.

To apply the pastels I used cheap make up sponges.

panpastels intro

For my first page I started out with adding a thin layer of the Phtlao blue pastel. I then used a stencil and applied some clear VersaMark embossing ink, through the stencil.


I then added some PanPastel (the same colour, Phthalo Blue) to the ink and as you can see below it immediately stuck to the VersaMark.


I wanted to add more layers and the next thing I did was to add more of the Phthalo blue and also the Permanent Green. On top of this I then added some gesso, using a stencil and a palette knife.


I also added some more gesso around the page, using the palette knife.


When the gesso was dry I added Permanent Green to the gessoed leaves and more of the Phthalo Blue to the rest of my page. I then used the Fishbone background stamp with some black ink.

On top of this, I added even more gesso, again using the same stencil.


I wanted to use the tags that came with the Project Art kit and here’s an example of two different ways to give the smooth tags some tooth. The pastels need some tooth to be able to grab onto the surface and the left tag was primed with white gesso (different gessos give different surfaces – you need to try to see what you like), and the right tag was painted with clear gesso, before applying the PanPastel using a stencil and a sponge (no Versamark ink this time). I then used a spray fixative on top of the tags.


I’m not sure what happened next, but I played around with gesso, some patterned paper, a watersoluble Stabilo pencil, a little acrylic paint, letter stickers, a piece of fabric, one of the butterflies, more PanPastel, mist and a white Sharpie pen… I added some crazy drawing… and this is what I ended up with.


For my next page I took out a mask that I made some time ago, using my hand as a template. I scanned it and printed it out in a smaller version, before cutting it out. I then used it to apply pastel around the hand.



I outlined the hand with a pen and used a stencil + gesso to create some texture above the hand.

reach3 vers2

I used the yellow pan pastel + a yellow Gelato crayon from one of the previous Project Art kits, to colour the beams.


I then wrote my journaling inside the hand.


I coverd my writing again, to be able to splatter some mist around the hand.


I added more pastel around the hand and used one of the blending tortillions to soften and blend the colour. I also added letter stickers and some white details using a white Sharpie.


I coloured the butterfly with PanPastels and then sealed it with Glossy Accents from last month’s Project Art kit.

within reach

For my last page this month, I started out with stamping using the Fishbone background stamp and versamark ink and then applied Neutral Grey pastel on top.

go for it bild1 vers2

I covered my entire page.

go for it bild2

I then painted over the top with a thin layer of gesso. It does smear the pastel a tiny bit, but it didn’t bother me in this case and it does create a fixating layer. I also added some extra gesso on top, using a palette knife and then I took some papers from the March kit and stiched them together and glued them down.

go for it bild3

I added some gesso on top of the papers and the loose threads too.

go for it bild4

When the gesso was dry I added even more pastel, using a stencil.

go for it bild 5

I layered some items from the March kits on top. A bit of one of the acetate sheets is stapled behind the kraft frame. I added some Glossy Accents to the pink star.

go for it bild 6

To finish my page I added some mist and let it drip down the page.

go for it

go for it detail

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you feel inspired to play and please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. sherry c

    Wow, just wow!!! Gorgeous art, Anna!

  2. Julie B

    Anna, thank you so much for the tutorials every month with precise details and photos! It makes this so much more accessible.

  3. Suz Mannecke

    Anna?!! You amaze me with your mixed media/art journal skills! Makes me want to get messy and play along! Thanks so much for sharing your talent every month with us here! 🙂


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