Tips & Tricks: Project Life Journaling with PSE


Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to share how I use Photoshop Elements to journal on my Day In The Life cards.  I get asked a lot how I journal on my cards so I wanted to show just how easy it is!  The steps I will be showing you are in PSE,  if you don’t have a version of Photoshop you could create your journaling in Word and use most of the same steps I will be showing.

The first step is to open PSE and create a file the size of your journaling card, either 3×4 or 4×6.  Today I will be using a 3×4 card.  First I select “file” “new” and then “blank file” and then a box will pop up that will let you select how large of a file you want, ensure the size is set to “inches” and not pixels, cm etc.


Now we can begin creating our journaling.  There are 2 fonts that are my “go to” fonts for my Project Life journaling…I use Bebas and Arsenale White daily, they are both very versatile and free!  To create consistency throughout my pages, I try to stick to these 2 fonts as much as possible.  Bebas is the very simple graphic font I will be using today and Arsenale is the scripty one.  A couple of things to keep in mind when creating your journaling, if there is a design on your card, try to keep this in mind when placing your journaling as it will make things easier when you go to print.  On the card I am using there is a cluster of flowers on the upper left hand corner so I know I need to bump my journaling a bit to the right.  Another thing I do is type each word separately and then align them last, this lets me play around with the placement a bit more.


O.k., my journaling is done so here is what I do to ensure I don’t waste cards and my printing turns out perfect every time.  The first step is to print my journaling on a piece of scrap paper.  Once it is printed I then line my card up to the journaling by holding both layers up to the light.  Once I have my card in place I tape a couple of corners with wash tape to hold it in place and then run it through my printer again.  I’ve tried to bypass this step and print directly on the card and inevitably something was off center or not aligned and I would waste cards, this way that never happens.



And here is my finished card with some embellishments added!  Super easy and once you get the hang of it, it goes super fast.



As I mentioned if you don’t have PS os Elements, you could create your journaling in Word and use the same steps to print.  I use PSE as it is almost always up and running on my computer, plus once you get comfortable with these steps you can then start adding digital elements to your pictures and cards and PS allows you to do that.  Have fun and I hope these tips were helpful!!

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  1. Heidi Smith on Facebook

    Old trick I used way back in the early days of this industry! I did this not long ago myself for a memorial album and it worked great on PL cards!

  2. TracyM #6773

    GREAT technique and tutorial – THANK YOU 🙂

  3. Alissa Fast

    Martha, do you know how to get arsenale white to be connected in PSE? mine used to be but something happened an now it’s not and I cannot figure it out. It’s connected in Word, just not PSE.


    • MarthaB

      Alissa maybe try installing the font again and see if that works. I have Arsenale installed on 3 computers and it works in PSE on each one, computers are funny/frustrating aren’ they?!


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