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Hello Daisies! Jody here to share with you a bit of the process of how this layered layout came to be using the wonderful “Hint of Sunshine” kit this month. Don’t you just love the colors and details of the embellishments in this kit?! I sure did and totally jumped into the fun part of creating with it as I made this page.


Would you believe me if I told you it started out as a simple piece of white heavy-weight paper that was in a stack of papers from my preschooler’s backpack? I smoothed it out from his folder and brought it up to my scrap space fully intending to use it as scrap paper for sketching ideas or testing out some stamped images. Instead, my kit was spread out on my floor {yes, I scrap most of my pages on the floor with a large piece of poster board as my ‘desk’} and I picked up the tiny sequined twine and the photos of mixers {which I printed out from a stock image and can’t find the original source…my apologies to the photographer!} and that was the start of this page. I taped down the twine with the tiny gold washi tape and fully intended to keep this page simple and sized to 8 1/2 x 11. But the white space felt too big to me, so I cut it down. And then suddenly it felt too small as I added details, and I wasn’t sure where I could put the journaling I wanted to put on this page.

Thank goodness scrapping isn’t a precision art! I grabbed the pieces of 12×12 patterned paper which I had cut and used bits and pieces of on my two previous layouts. You can see that none of the papers match up in size or are perfectly cut. I just stuck them behind the white base I had scrapped and knew if I stitched them down they would stay together nicely.



I also realized I love these papers so much that I would want to use them on other projects, so I grabbed my craft knife and cut out the section of paper that would be behind the white base part. A good scrapper knows how to stretch the stuff they like most! =) I added another strip of random paper to keep make sure the paper stayed intact as some of the pieces would have been loose otherwise.


SO basically this design all came about a bit “backwards” as far as layering is concerned. Most times I build from the bottom up, but in this case I made things fun and tricky for myself as my ideas kept evolving during the process. Here is the backside of the finished layout.


Here is a peek at the journaling and I also have to tell you that I love the row of hearts stamp so much that I used it six times on this page alone!


I love that an idea can grow and change in your mind as you play with your papers and embellishments. There is no right or wrong in the creative process and it’s actually cool to see a page come together in a way you don’t normally scrap sometimes. This page was that sort of page for me. I hope you enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at my crazy method and I hope you have fun playing and trying out different methods for pulling your pages and projects together with this awesome April kit too! Happy scrapping, everyone!


  1. Susan Gray on Facebook

    Great layout and post-loved how you use every bit and piece including mfg product strip. Looks fantastic. I love posts that share designers thought processes

  2. Ashley

    Great post, Jody. This is one my fave pages of yours and I’m glad you showed us how you brought it all together. I was wondering about that when I was admiring it in your gallery!

  3. emily pitts

    This makes me happy. I love how you think

  4. Suz Mannecke

    Love this layout Jody and that you shared how your design evolved over time. You always rock out the layers and bits and pieces in your design too! 🙂


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