November Favorite Planner Pages


Happy November!

Today I thought I would share my three favorite spreads from my November DaisyDori.  Every month is simply a delight and I love to come up with new ideas for them.  The opening calendar spread, however, is a perennial favorite.  I love having all my important dates pop out at my when I first open my planner.  This month I’ve added a second calendar on the left to use as a tracker.  I’m taking a page from Arleigh’s DaisyDori and adding a sticker to each day as it’s completed.  It’s my countdown to the Thanksgiving holidays.


This page is to hold all my grand plans for November and Simon from the planner class kit is standing guard.  On the left I have made a little pockets and tucked in several pages from the personal sized planner as well as the free planner printables.  I plan on really hashing out my goald for the month and the rest of this year and to even start playing around with my goals for 2017 all this weekend.  On the right is a fancy bookmark I made, also from the free November printable.  This is a very important spread in my DaisyDori, so I wanted to mark the spot well.


And finally, this is my November book goals page.  I have had this spread appear in my DaisyDori each month.  Usually on this page I will write book recommendations and thoughts on any books I’ve finished that month.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have really gotten into reading these last couple of months.  I am so loving being a book nerd once more.  This month I added a trimmed out photo of my TBR (to be read) pile and stamped circles beside each book.  I plan on coloring them in as I finish the books.  So fun!

How is your planner looking this month?  Any fun new ideas you’re trying out?  Are you already thinking about 2017?

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