Tips & Tricks: Don’t Forget You In Your Scrapbooks!

I don’t know about everyone else, but, I tend to forget to add more about me in my scrapbooks.  I tend to focus on my girls, my husband, even our pets.  Even in my Project Life album the focus falls on my family and not myself.  Recently I have been attempting to scrap more about myself – my feelings, my fears, my everyday life experiences.  I want my girls to know how I felt, what I thought, what I experienced.  I want them to be able to turn to those albums when they are feeling less than happy or are going through a tough time and see that I felt the same way at some point.

Life isn’t always 100% happy, it’s tough, it’s frightening and sometimes it brings on feelings of sadness, frustration and fear.  Don’t leave those things out!


If you often have other family or friends go through your albums and you would rather they didn’t see your journaling, just tuck it behind a photo or a tag.  For the layout above I hid my journaling behind the photo – my girls can still easily pull it out, but other people don’t have to see it.

So while it might seem like a simple “tip” today, I feel that it is one that we really need to take to heart.  Don’t leave yourself out of YOUR scrapbook pages!

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