Planning on the Week on one page insert

Hi guys! Lately I’ve been planning on the week on one page inserts that come in the planner kit and I LOVE IT! I love the flexibility it offers on the left side and seeing my entire week of appointments on the right! The nice thing about the planner kit is you get a variety of page layouts each month so you can change your mind until your heart is content, lol. I may go back to week on two pages if I have an extra busy week, but this layout is working wonderfully for me. Here is a video where I talk a little more in depth on my setup, hope you enjoy it. I’m curious, Do you plan with the week on one page inserts?

[youtube id=”5JiRChdDZO4″]

Happy Planning!

Tricia Romo

@MadeWithLoveCrafter on IG

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  1. Julie B

    Thank you for the tips! Still trying to figure out the best set up for me.

  2. Jeannine Harrigan on Facebook

    Dropping by to say hi and a big THANK YOU for helping celebrate SCT’s 10th birthday! They could not have gotten there without support from you!

  3. Terry

    I love this idea. It feels “efficient”! Thanks for sharing…this is just what I needed to fix my planner pages 🙂


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