Making It Work For You

Have you ever asked yourself…
“How do I get that to work for me?”
I am sure you have, because I know I have.
The great thing about a Cocoa Daisy kit is that you know it will just work, but how can you make it work harder?

When I created this page I really wanted to show you, our lovely blog readers, how I could use pieces from the kit and really make them work for me.

I started with the gorgeous Pink Fresh “Dream Big” pattern paper (found in the main Daydream kit).


I love the grey stripes but found the “confetti” very overwhelming.
So by using the 6×6 Cocoa Daisy paper, “Reverie”, found in the DITL kit,
I was able to cover up most of the confetti.

Speaking of the DITL kit, I just love using the cards.
But sometimes you just want to use part of a card.
Maybe it’s the design you like.
Or, as it was for me in this page,
Just the sentiment.
So I cut it up
And added it to one of the Pink Fresh Ombre fabric tags, after removing the string tie.

The next thing I cut up was one of the images from the free printables.


I then used it in my title, which was a mish mash of alphas and DITL cards.


I then pulled out some plain die cut feathers,
From Pretty Little Studio “Marigold” feather packet.
I altered them to the right shade of blue, using my watercolour paints.


Enamel dots, ink splats and some pencilled scribble finished off my page.
A page that just worked for the message I wanted to leave.


So next time you pull a bunch of products together
Or purchase a gorgeous Cocoa Daisy kit,
Have a look at how you can make it work for you.
It might not be that hard.


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  1. Shannon

    Perfect little tutorial on using products to achieve the ‘look’ you want!! and love the end result!!


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