Making It Work For You

Have you ever asked yourself…
“How do I get that to work for me?”
I am sure you have, because I know I have.
The great thing about a Cocoa Daisy kit is that you know it will just work, but how can you make it work harder?

When I created this page I really wanted to show you, our lovely blog readers, how I could use pieces from the kit and really make them work for me.

I started with the gorgeous Pink Fresh “Dream Big” pattern paper (found in the main Daydream kit).


I love the grey stripes but found the “confetti” very overwhelming.
So by using the 6×6 Cocoa Daisy paper, “Reverie”, found in the DITL kit,
I was able to cover up most of the confetti.

Speaking of the DITL kit, I just love using the cards.
But sometimes you just want to use part of a card.
Maybe it’s the design you like.
Or, as it was for me in this page,
Just the sentiment.
So I cut it up
And added it to one of the Pink Fresh Ombre fabric tags, after removing the string tie.

The next thing I cut up was one of the images from the free printables.


I then used it in my title, which was a mish mash of alphas and DITL cards.


I then pulled out some plain die cut feathers,
From Pretty Little Studio “Marigold” feather packet.
I altered them to the right shade of blue, using my watercolour paints.


Enamel dots, ink splats and some pencilled scribble finished off my page.
A page that just worked for the message I wanted to leave.


So next time you pull a bunch of products together
Or purchase a gorgeous Cocoa Daisy kit,
Have a look at how you can make it work for you.
It might not be that hard.


  1. Shannon

    Perfect little tutorial on using products to achieve the ‘look’ you want!! and love the end result!!


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