“Modern & Vintage” Dissecting Design


Sometimes the place to start is by taking a moment to notice what is around you.
Hi Daisy-ites.
Sharmaine here with a little look into the process behind a page I created.
Each month I am in awe of the amazing products Christine pulls together to create the kits we get to play with.
Each month I look at the products and sense there is something more than just a piece of paper or embellishment.
This month I was in no doubt that there was a little message being told.


So I heard the call and started to create, making sure I stopped and took in each message as I heard it.


These were words that I’d been hoping to find so I could pass on a needed message to our girls.

I added some other symbolic hints too.
Using a brown paper bag, to symbolise what life is sometimes viewed as… dull, boring, mundane.
The gorgeous Cocoa Daisy origami butterfly stamp, symbolising life transitions and the possibilities that can come.
And the gesso to show that sometimes life gets messy but it’s what lays underneath that we need to see, again talking about possibilities and believing that there is more.


So I hope that wasn’t too “deep” for you all.
I hope that it was, in some way, inspiring you to create.
Enjoy the new week


  1. lauraC - Michigan

    Sharmaine – Awesome

    Now I want to go back and use that sheet of paper all over again

  2. Michelle t

    Beautiful and inspiring. Michelle t

  3. Lisa Flaherty (jjflair)

    Oh, Sharmaine!! This is perfection!! This is exactly what I love about this art form. Beautiful symbolism and metaphor in a heartfelt letter of wisdom and love for your girls. I just want to hug you right now!!


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