Sharing What I Love for the Love Month

I did this last year in the month all about love and I decided to do it again and what was funny was after I typed it all out I wondered what I’d put last year and some where SUPER similar.  Like the phone calls with my eldest where she says she loves me before hanging up.  Honestly it can just make my day as growing up she’s never really been a vocal affectionate person I guess you could say, lol.

I decided to add in the tag to have a little more room.  It’s actually not really so much that I love, it’s a mixture of that with what I am grateful for in my life lately.

One thing I do not get hard up on myself is when I accidentally hit the wrong key….  because there is not back space when it comes to a typewriter, haha!  I often just leave it or try and go and type over the letter over and over, lol.

By doing this it’s almost like a little bit of memory keeping in your planner.  When you look at it, planning is a type of memory keeping?  Don’t you agree?  I was looking for something in a planner from 2015 and I have to say I actually really liked reading over some of my “goals, plans and so on”.


For this project I really loved using a bunch of the stickers from the planner kit.  I am all for floral designs and the designs for the month of February are gorgeous and with amazing colours.  What I love about the designs is that they can be layered.

If you have thought about doing something similar in your planner I say YES, do it, you’ll love mixing it up and doing something completely different.  Which everything going on in this day and age it’s nice to reflect and remember just how lucky we truly are for the things we have in our life.  Something so small can actually mean so much to you.

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