Combining Planning & Memory Keeping

Hello, It’s Lisa with the March Memory Keeping and Planner Kit here today. I thought it would be fun to combine memory keeping and planning this month.

You can watch the whole planner being set up for March here.

In the video you can see how I use my planner pages to set up my monthly planner.

I used these banners from the Classified kit to bookmark my planner pages, making it easier to find the start of each week. I have my menu pages in between,

In the planner Kit there is a little notepad. I’ve taken a page for each week and stuck in with washi. I’m using this to document something fabulous each day.

This journal card is in the pocket kit and I thought it would be great to attach at the front. I’ve stuck it in with washi, but so that the card can also be flipped over, so my journaling is underneath. I’ve used the alphas from the main kit to attach my word for the year. I’m now documenting this month all the actions I take to simplify my life. For example, as I finished my video, I cleaned, decluttered and reorganised under my desk, so I have written that in.

I really hope you enjoy my video and like how I am combining my planning and memory keeping this month. The planner and memory keeping kits go so well together.   I’m hoping this month keeping up with a little documenting in my planner will help with my journaling in my scrapbooking and travelers notebooks.

Have a great March.



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