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Happy International Scrapbook Day!

All day we’ll be posting tricks, tips, and ideas from both our scrapbook and planner Design Teams using our kits. We hope you’ll check back often to learn more about Cocoa Daisy from our amazing team! We’ll be throwing in a giveaway here and there, but you’ll have to check every hour because it’s going to be a surprise. 🙂

The noon hour brings us one of our newer Planner Team girls, Margie Cortina. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see she reads a LOT.

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of all of Cocoa Daisy’s Daisy Day Planner inserts – I use all of my pages for something! I use the weekly overview and WO2P on a weekly basis for my everyday reminders and appointments, no question about it, I’m a huge fan!… but the pages in between the planning pages have slowly become my most favorite! I use those pages for ‘currently’s, lists, memory-keeping, quotes, etc. However, I am currently using my A5 inserts to keep track of my books – not only my reading progress and book blog posts, but also books that I purchase and books that I receive from publishers to review. Most books that I receive for review are in advance to their release date; for example, I just received 5 books that are due to be released in October. These are books that I will wait to read later this summer. I am trying to create a method to keep track of my books in my planner so they are not forgotten. This bullet-style planner page is the perfect page for me to keep track of my monthly bookhaul! I am really happy to have something that I can reference too for when I am ready to sit down and add this list of books to my planner pages and library list journal – I no longer need to keep these books on a pile on my bedroom floor to reference too. They can quickly be shelved and organized without worry!


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  1. Steph D.

    Love Cocoa Daisy inserts!


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