Making Cute Paper Clips

I got super excited this month when I spotted the Crate Paper – Poolside Embellishments in the Ditl KIT.
I love things like this. This is what the pack looks like.



I had plans for the wooden buttons straight away, before the kit had even arrived. I had different sized paperclips and my glue gun at the ready.

With a small blob of glue on the back and the paperclip pushed in to the glue, you have amazing paperclips for your planner.

sneak 3


planner 2




Don’t they look cute?!

planner 4


And the great thing is that there are still some fun bits left in the pack from my scrapbooking pages.

You can view the whole DITL kit here.

And I’ve also spotted these similar wooden buttons from Shimelle sold as an addon on their own here.  I’m wishing I had bought these now too. I totally missed them. Cute!!!



Happy making & creating!!


  1. Margie aka The Bumble Girl

    These little clips are really sweet! They add so much to planners… to layouts and cards too!
    I really like seeing how all of the kits can offer so much for all the creative outlets, that they’re not limited to just layouts, etc.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Daniella Bandeira de Mello

    I love them. SO creative.
    I already have a ton of ideias to use them on my LO!

    Congrats to whom created them and show them to us!


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