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Hello All!!! Alissa here today to talk about Project Life and getting more from your DITL kit.

First, can I say how much I LOVE the DITL kits that Christine puts together? And, we now have an add on specifically geared to pocket scrapbooking. LOVE it!!! March is the first month with the DITL add on and it was a hit! Blue Ridge was the first add on to sell out.

One thing I really loved about the March DITL kit was the addition of the Project Life cards by Becky Higgins. I always love the usual Cocoa Daisy/Evalicious exclusive cards and this month Christine included a BUNCH of BH Project Life cards, too. AWESOME!!!

Let’s see if we can use those cards in a different way to stretch your supplies. week-4-01
The bottom left card is not a 4×6 card at all. It’s actually 2 3×4 cards, cut to fit my needs, and a 4×4 photo. I loved that “photo op” card but it didn’t fit with the journal lines running in the opposite direction that I needed them to run and the cute speech bubble card was the same. I cut off what I needed from those 3 cards and tucked them under my photo. And, I have the rest of each card still to use in the future.

Here’s a closer look.
So, anytime you think a card might not fit your theme or needs, think about using it in parts or even as a photo mat for a smaller photo. I love “making it work”. I take it as a personal challenge. 

Want to see what the rest of the team did with the kits?
Jody used her DITL kit to create a pocket page about a single subject. I love how she layered the cards up and punched shapes from some of the cards, just like patterned paper.

Lisa did not get the DITL kit but she did use the Blue Ridge add on to create an awesome pocket page! I love all the greens!!

Mandie used the DITL kit and the Blue Ridge add on to create her Project Life spread. I love all of the 4×6 photos cut up and represented in 3×4 pockets.

I love how Martha used the world map card from the DITL kit to represent the blending of her family with her daughter coming from China. So cool! 🙂

Patrica used the cute LOVE card to journal about kitty and tucked it under the photo in a 4×6 pocket to make it work. LOVE this!

And, Suz worked all of those 4×6 cards beautifully. I LOVE this spread!

So, to recap, try using those 3×4 and 4×6 cards in different ways this month. Cut them up. Punch them into shapes. Mat your photos with them. Use them in a different way. You will LOVE the results!

Hope you have an awesome day!


  1. Christine Everett

    So many great ideas for stretching your supplies! Fabulous work!

  2. Tara R.

    Thank you for the tips! I missed out on the DITL add on kit and was so bummed. I received my March DITL kit yesterday and I am in love!!!! It’s amazing!


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