Memory Planning with Doodles & Dashes II

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Memory planning is the perfect way to document your daily life and have fun doing it! Two great kits to use to get started are the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit and the Doodles & Dashes II Memory Keeping Sticker Kit.


See how Christine used the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit in her Daisy Planner. If you are looking for a planner, consider trying the Daisy Planner, available in coil bound and discbound.

Renee Senchyna: Pocket Cards in Your Memory Planner.

I can honestly say that this month’s Doodles & Dashes II Collection is by far my favourite kit to date. I absolutely love the cute whimsical artwork as well as the muted fall colors.
I started out by printing and adhering my photos to my planner pages. From the Doodles & Dashes II Memory Keeping Sticker Kit I used the letter stickers to add the date on the top left side of the page and the number circles to add the dates in the margins.
There were so many cute elements in this kit that I wanted to use but I did not have the space so I had to come up with some creative ways to fit them all in! To add the clear sticker quote from the Doodles & Dashes II Memory Keeping Sticker Kit I cut a piece of vellum paper a little longer than my photo, added the vellum sticker to it, then used clear tape to adhere above the photo. To add the 4×6 pocket card I used clear tape to attach it to the side of the layout, I added a tab to help flip the card open and closed, then added one of the circle cardstock stickers to the inside.
On Friday I had 3 photos that I wanted to include plus the journaling so I created a pocket behind the photos to tuck the journaling card into. To do this I cut a piece of cardstock ¼ larger than the photo, adhered the photo then cut the extra off the top. I folded the sides and bottom behind the photo and used double-sided tape to glue it down. To create the journaling card I used a piece of yellow cardstock from the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit, cut it to size, then cut a piece of white paper slightly smaller to add my journaling. I stapled one of the cardstock stickers from the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit on the top to act as a pull to lift the journaling card out.
To add my journaling in the bottom right corner I used one of the cute library pockets/cards. To add a bit of decoration to the front of the pocket I used the ‘gather together’ stamp. Both came from the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit. Once that was done I added the rest of my journaling, then added cardstock stickers and rub-ons from the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit to decorate the rest of the layout.

Marsha Farris: Daisy Planner for Memory Planning


Memory planning is a breeze with the winning trio of the Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit, Doodles & Dashes II Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and the Daisy Planner


The Pocket cards make great photo mats and fill white space perfectly!

I love including the puffy alphas for titles in my memory planner.
It’s also fun to switch up the orientation of your titles and journaling as I did here.
A few well placed embellishments allow the photos and stories to shine. Here, I used a mixed of die cuts, stickers and stamps to decorate my page.

Veronica Milan: Library Pockets for Handwritten Journaling

I’m sharing fall inspired spread in my memory planner. I used the gorgeous Doodles & Dashes II Modern Memory Keeping Kit! It was filled with al the lovely browns and fall colors! For this page I used a library pocket and did some handwriting on the card, gasp. I added a sticker and rub-ons on the pocket and card! Then I added huge puffy alpha over my photo and some smaller alpha and stickers throughout the page.

I loved the simplicity yet the fun interactive pocket. If you are planning on starting a memory planner this upcoming year, these sweet kits work great on planners! Happy crafting!

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