Come join us for our May Journaling Challenge: #CDJournalEveryDayinMay

The Cocoa Daisy Planner Team invites you to go on a journey with us for the month of May: Let’s journal every day in May with the #CDJournalEveryDayinMay Challenge.

When we saw the “My Story” dashboard for the May Planner kits we were excited about all the journaling prompts on it and so we decided to switch things up, skip the planner challenge and focus on a journaling challenge instead.

When does it start? TODAY – May 01, 2018

Where do I get the printable? The printable for all sizes is in the store right here:

How does it work? The idea is to use one prompt every day and journal about it.

I need inspiration where do I find it? There will be an inspiration thread in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans group on facebook for each prompt during the month just like we have them with the Planner Challenge every month. The planner team will also be participating and sharing their takes on the prompts. We also hope you all share your progress every day over there!

Do I have to write a lot? No, you should do what works best for you: write pages for each prompt, make a simple list, add photos, make it pretty or just use a pen and paper, it’s all up to you.

Do I have to do it every day? Taking 10-15 minutes every day would be ideal because then it won’t become an overwhelming task. But let’s be realistic, journal whenever you have time.

What if I fall behind? Do as much as you can manage, if you fall behind, skip ahead or catch up. Stretch the challenge to be for two months. In the end, this challenge should be fun. And maybe inspire you to take up journaling on a regular basis. We want you all to feel accomplished at the end and not discouraged.

This prompt doesn’t speak to me at all. Can I skip it? Yes, of course. Replace it with something that speaks to you. Or explore why you don’t like it.

Where did you get the prompts? The prompts were included on the “My Story” dashboard for the May 2018 Planners. A printable with all the prompts is available in the shop here. The planner team picked their favorites to have one prompt for each day in May.

We are so excited for the #CDJournalEveryDayinMay Challenge and hope you will play along!

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