My name is Evelyne, I’m 35 years old and I live in Italy with my husband and 4 pets, 2 cats and 2 dogs.
I’m a positive person and I always think that I’m a little crazy due to my weird family (my father is German, my mother comes from Croatia and I was born in France).

I always have hight expectations from myself and often tend to self criticize..but I ‘m trying to get better at accepting imperfections thru crafting and memory keeping.
Beside my passion for paper and colors, I love photography, watching tv shows and reading. I try to schedule at least a little bit of time for those hobbies too every day.
You will definately notice two different sides of me in my works, the fluo colored dreaming part and the black and white, cold analytic one.

December, with his holiday spirit, is definately my favorite time of the year.
I love to decorate my home, wrap the gifts, bake cookies and listen to christmas music.
For this reason I decided to document it this year using different styles and materials, in my own chaotic and super colored style.
I had to include a week dedicated to Cocoa Daisy and this adventure of me entering in the planner team that has started in my favorite month!
I decided to use, together with the planner kit, also the beautiful packaging that I love so much!

And here is the result.I love playing in my a5 planner with different things and mixing project life,cards and embellishments.

Often I also include hidden journaling for the most personal things.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post even if it was a bit long, I’m very excited to see how you celebrated December with your kits!
See you the next post

Day 8 and 10,december 9th is hidden inside the envelope πŸ˜‰In this week I especially enjoyed creating envelope and bags to hold all the lists I need for Christmas gifts and the necessary for home decor.My favorite things?

Alphas,cards,washi tape and cocoa’s planner freebies.

How many packs of bubblegum can our December Guest Designer go through?
Pocket Memory Keeping Inspiration