What does your scrapbooking process look like? Do you change your mind a lot, going back and forth between ideas, or do you know from the beginning where you are heading? I rarely know where I will end up when I start pulling out photos and supplies. My starting point differs from time to time and this time I had used a piece of the fabulous glittery tape from the July DITL kit on one of my previous layouts – giving me the idea for my next project. I LOVE the tape and I knew that I wanted to use it to frame a photo – that was the starting point this time.

I pulled out the photo, the tape and a white sheet of cardstock.

bild1 650

My cardstock had been damaged a bit… and I decided to cover the damage up with a strip of patterned paper.

bild1a 650

bild1b 650

I added some gesso to the background, using two different stencils. After drying the gesso with my heat gun I added some blue mist.

bild2 650

I added mist using a brush and some water to dilute it, and I also added splatters of mist on top of that.
bild2a 650

I added the frame using the glittery tape…

bild2b 650

…and at this point I realized that I wasn’t happy with the patterned paper. It’s sooo pretty, and the flowers goes well with the flowers on Tuva’s dress, but it still didn’t work and I decided to tear some of the patterned paper off…

bild3 fix 650

I then added some gesso and mist on top. The pattern is still slightly visible, but it blends into the white background. I took out the yellow paper from the patterned paper add on and punched some circles.

bild4 fix 650

To finish my layout I added some stitching along the tape and over a couple of the circles. I also added the “smile” and some other small embellishments.

bild5 fix 650

And this is my finished layout.

cd july smile vers3


Sooo, this is just a small example of how I sometimes change my mind and take another direction, while scrapping. Sometimes when I feel stuck, it’s like I’m scared to glue anything down. I try to overcome that fear and just go for it. Papers can always be covered up or painted over…

Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by the Cocoa Daisy blog!

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