How many photos????

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone through many phases since I started scrapbooking. The amount of photos I use on one page has been one of them.

When I first started out I would use lots on the one page, but back then the design side of things wasn’t so important to me. Then as time went on and learnt more and more, I started using less photos and enjoying the design aspect more and more to the point where for a long to I was scrapping with just the one photo per page. I seem now to have gone full circle and I’m using more and more photos but I’m thinking now about the design too. I sometimes want to create a multi photo page and yet I want to have a page that looks good too. Today I am talking through how I try and achieve this look.

I do have a video of me making this LO here too. I am new to video making and I chat whilst creating and I’ve decided to even leave the bits in when things don’t quite go to plan. After all, isn;t that sometimes the best way to learn??? So here’s that video if you fancy watching and hearing the whole process.

1120 Miles

I have used 10 photos on this one 12×12 page. I do crop them down on my pc and print them off nice and small. These are around 2.5”.

One tip I do have when using many photos is to print or add a white border. This makes such a difference. Otherwise the photos just blend in to the background. This way each photo stands out nicely.


As you will have less space to be able to create big designs, I find working on a small cluster of embellishments works best. This way you are adding a focal point to the page. Somwhere for the eye to be instantly drawn to and then start wandering and looking at other parts of the page. Creating this cluster works well around the title like how I’ve worked on my title here. You can then add other embellishments to match throughout the LO following the design through.


I find splitting my journaling up it to smaller fragments works best. I like to print mine on my pc and cut in to thin strips. It’s a good way to label each photo so your photos really do tell the story. Just like I outline my photos with a black pen, I also like to do this to my journal strips. Again it just helps them to stand out a little.


Use your colours to embellish your page. Edit your photos to enhance and define. I edit every single photo that I print out. It’s just crispens and really brings out the colours. And then I like to create good colour combinations with my photos and the back grounds of my pages. I like to add littls pops of colour using embellishments and sometimes a little paint like I have done here. It just breaks the LO up when you have so many photos.


And finally, if I have 1 tip for you today it would be…..cover up your photos when you start playing with the inks!!!!


I hope this has helped you. Don’t be put off with scrapping with lots pf photos. You don’t always have to make a mini book or create a pocket to pop them all in. You can also make the one page for your scrapbook which includes many photos, a story and still make it look pretty.

Thanks for joining me today.



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  1. Leslie

    Great video and tips! Love your layout!


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