January Product Focus – Those Shiny Gold Alphas!!

My lovely family

Hi, It’s Lisa here with your ‘Product Focus’ post for January.

Each month for this post we get to pick something from the kit that some may struggle with to give ideas.

When I opened up my kit yesterday I have to say I loved it. The colours were so beautifully balanced and I love the good mix of papers, sticker and bits and pieces…but for me, if there was one item that I had to pick it would be the gold shiny alphas. They just aren’t me. I’m not a blingy type of person at all. So today I am going to share with you how I tackled this. I also have a few kit tips to share that I will throw in here and there.


I started my LO by taking some of the DITL cards from the DITL Kit. I took a craft knife to one of them enabling me to slide another card in to it.


I wanted to add a layered look.  You do not have to use up loads of your pretty papers to create this look. This is all I used.


to create this look.


With my gold alphas now in place it’s time to transform them. I want to take off the shiny first so use a file and rub over them in various directions.


I can them go over them with an ink. The areas where I have rubbed off the shiny will take the ink nicely. The more shiny you remove, the more coloured ink will show through.


And them I use a black pen on my alphas.


The alphas now really look like they belong on my LO.

I’m so happy with this finished look.

My lovely family

Never be afraid of alphas in a kit if they aren’t quite to your liking. There’s always a way around it.

I hope you find this useful.


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