Ever get that Creative Block?? How to get started again – with video link

It seems to be a common thing amongst us creative ones that from time to time we get a creative block. Today I will be tackling that problem and showing you you I sometimes deal with it.

I also have a video that you can watch here. I show you how I put my tips and tricks to use.

To get the inspiration and ideas kick started….what’s your favourite store? For me it’s Anthroplogie. I go in that place and I immediately feel inspired and creative. The window displays, the displays and artwork within the store itself and the products. I just love it all. I went in to Pinterest and typed in Anthropolgie and saved some photos that really excited me. I then printed them off within a grid like this.

I then prepared my work space. I like a clear desk. (I do have the tripod here as I wanted to video the process of this layout). I removed all other scrapbooking materials and products, having too much choice can make it harder to scrapbook.So I just have a few bits and pieces to eliminate too many decisions and I just have 1 photo.

Then using my photo grid for inspiration, I have scrapbooked this layout here.

If you watch the video you can see/hear how this page came together. It was really quick and simple.

I’ve used pieces from my October kit here. I just love how easily this page came together.

I hope this helps you out if you are struggling to get started.

Try visiting Pinterest, try clearing your creative area and try simplifying what you use.

If you have any tips yourself, please do share. Thank you.


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