Cupcake Canvas Tutorial

What do you make for a super sweet girl who has a special birthday??? A super sweet gift of course.

A special friend of our’s turned 18 recently. I wanted to give her something special, but just couldn’t think what. So then I had the idea of making her a sweet canvas.

Today I am going to share with you how it came together. I think it’s such a lovely personal gift to give someone. I used my July DITL Kit to make this.



I started with a square canvas and some Cocoa Daisy papers. I cut a large enough piece of the patterned paper to cover the front of the canvas and then painted the whole piece with gesso.


Once dry (I like to use a heat gun to speed up that process) I then used a couple of stencils and mists.


I took a couple of different Cocoa Daisy stamps and my Maya Chalk Inks and and stamped a little too. I never panic or put too much thought in to where I’m misting and stamping as to be honest, so many layers go in to this, it’s not really important.



I take some more patterned paper and a DITL journal card and place them in the centre of my canvas. Once stuck in place with regular pva glue, I take an old credit card and spread white acrylic paint over the papers.



Now to make my cute cup cake. More patterned papers and a cup cake case and the cake are cut out. The shapes are very basic and easy to cut by hand. Once in place, I take a regular black journal pen and doodle around the edges of  everything. I really like this look.


Don’t forget the cherry on the top!! A blob of paint on the tip of your finger is all you need.


The edges of the canvas mustn’t be forgotten. I like to take a wet wipe and spread the paint from the canvas down the edges.



Time to add the final touches. I printed off a personalised message  on my pc to cut in to strips and then used the word stickers from the DITL kit to add too.



Finally I take my clear stickles and add a little glitter.  I also add any extra bits of paint using the tip of my finger to apply here and there.

The canvas is then finished.


I’m really pleased with how this came out. I think it makes a lovely gift plus it’s so much fun to make.

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  1. Dawn Farias

    I love your project so much and I am very thankful you showed your steps and process. Such a gorgeous and meaningful gift, I’m sure it was well-received.


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