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I wanted to change up how I use my week on one page, and decided to use it for my motivational fitness section along with tracking my steps. I have been really motivated to get out there and jog walk throughout my week. I even found myself taking that extra step and going out during my lunch breaks and inviting friends to join me instead of going out to eat. I hope this post motivates you to use a section in your planner to just take that extra step, even it’s just 100 extra ones per day it makes a difference.




I also use the FitBit app which let’s you add your friends and it ranks you from how many steps you achieve that day. I started to create challenges for Goal Days or Weekends just so I can cheer my friends on and have them motivate me as well. Don’t get me wrong, not every day is going to be goal exceeding, or you may not even reach your goal. For example, on Wednesday I didn’t reach mine, but the following day I pushed my hardest and killed it with doing 20,000 steps. We do get busy in this life of ours and sometimes neglect our health. I’ve done it for years and I definitely need and want a change. For the better.


If you want to add me on FitBit you can: I will cheer you on throughout the week and invite you to challenges as well. I think seeing my motivational pages everyday and entering my steps will help me strive for bigger goals. A little goes a long way, and change can definitely get you closer to your real goals you’d like to achieve. Until next week!


Florence Antonette

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  1. Ally V.

    Great idea! I’m trying hard to get my step counts up again too and with all the planner supplies around this is a great plan!


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