Project Art – May

It’s time for some Project Art inspiration again! The May Project Art kit is all about stamp carving. The kit contains all the tools you need to get started with carving your own stamps.

I love the many possibilities of carving my own stamps and the fact that I can create something that is truly unique. I have to admit rigth away though – I am no stamp carving pro. 🙂 To carve stamps that give you perfectly clean impressions takes some practice and I’m not there yet. Luckily – I am totally ok with a messy and non-perfect look!

I started out with sketching, trying to come up with a design that I liked. I decided to create a triangle shaped stamp and I cut a piece of the pink rubber and drew a design in the same size on paper, using a soft pencil. I then transfered the design to the rubber by pressing the paper against the rubber and… rubbing! It’s then easy to fill in the lines with some more pencil, if necessary.

When you have a design on your rubber, it’s time to start carving! Be careful, the tool is sharp! Always carve away from you and watch your fingers. Try holding the tool at a low angle and applying an even pressure. Go slowly, because you can always go back and carve some more. It’s better to take it easy in the beginning.

Here is my triangle shaped stamp…


It can be combined to a square by stamping twice like this… (and a tip: when you ink your stamp it’s easier to see what you’ve missed when carving. You can go back and clean up areas where there is too much rubber left etc.)


…or by stamping four times like this…


I decided to create a page with this stamp as a base.


I used Distress ink to stamp and then dissolved some of the stamped images with some water and a brush.


When finishing my page I added some doodling around some of the stamped images, and one of the frames from the main kit also fit perfectly!

triangel6 klar

For my second page I used two different stamps and two different blue inks when stamping and I stamped onto a page where I had previously added some light blue paint.

I am 1

I am 2

I then found some things from the May kit to add to my page.

I am klar

For my third page I created a stamp that I stamped several times to create a repeating pattern.


I then added some doodling with a black pen (from the April Project Art kit). I also added some shading using a pencil. Here you can see the shading on the left, but not on the right.


Here is the finished page!

spring klar

I also created a very simple border stamp out of one of the erasers.


I really want to carve more stamps! I hope you enjoyed these ideas and that you are having fun with your kit! Have a great day and let me know if you have any questions!

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    Comment Oh,Anna!? These are soooooo cool!


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