Tips for a Productive To Do List

FullSizeRender_1Ever you feel like your to do list is a mile long and it’s never going to get done? Do we set ourselves up for failure with these extensive lists that realistically can not be done in a days time? I use my Cocoa Daisy daily inserts throughout my day to help me stay organized. The night before or right when I wake up I sit down for a little brain dumping and my head spills out my basic to do list. Before having Cocoa Daisy inserts I would bullet journal, in my midori travelers notebook, which I basically do in my planner now.


But how do you stay productive with these lists? I wanted to share with you a few tips that work for me, in hopes that it may be able to help you out as well.


  1. Priority is clutch. Always add the most important at the top so it’s the first thing that you see. What’s great about these inserts if you never used them before is for the A5 at the top left you have MUST DO’s. There’s up to 4 boxes and in this section and right below is the to do list. Oh the dreaded To Do’s. I am weird that I love long lists? I love knowing that I need to be super woman that day and have a billion things going on. Yes, some days I don’t get through it all, I am only human. Not all lists are meant to be finished 100% unless you only have 1-2 things on that list.
  2. Action! Did you know words of action will give you motivation for completion. Words such as call, organize, review, buy, find, email, need, write, reply, go, meet, look for (just to name a few) can advance you more towards goal completion.
  3. Routine. Somethings on your list will be a part of your daily routine so you’ll complete them at a certain time. These come way easier especially if you do them on the daily. Some people who I know actually print out a daily routine schedule that helps them in their work and home life.
  4. Reward. It’s always nice to give yourself a pat on the back for completing your to do list, especially if some of your goals are huge! I’m not saying go to Target and raid the dollar spot and spend a hundred dollars, of course not! But if you tell yourself for example: “If I complete this 10K run I’ll get to eat at my favorite restaurant this weekend. Or if I lose 1-2 pounds this week I can go on a $25 shopping spree. Or if I clean my craft room I’ll be able to buy more stuff for the places that I just cleaned!!” All jokes aside, you get where rewards can be positive reinforcements when you’re feeling unmotivated. Trust me there are days where you will not want to conquer that list, and that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day and when you’re ready, that list will be ready as well.
  5. 15 Minutes Makes a Difference. I did a 100 Day Challenge that I failed but realized how much a difference this made. To do a task for 15 minutes per day, really matters. Whether it’s cleaning (which was my goal), exercising, reading, meditating, decluttering, meal planning the list goes on there are boxes on the A5 planner inserts that I love putting these simple tasks in. Some days I may only complete one or two especially if I have a 12 hour work day- but you know what, within that 30 minutes I may have thrown out the trash, wiped down the table, cleaned the toilet, jogged a mile, cooked a meal, made a phone call (WHAT?! PEOPLE STILL TALK ON THE PHONE??- Try it sometime, it will definitely surprise that person and may put a smile on your face and a long catch up session with an old pal that you haven’t spoke to in a while), organize, clean the fridge, are just a handful of tasks I have completed thanks to these 15 minute task boxes that Cocoa Daisy already adds to our planner inserts. They’re a life saver for me.
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I hope some of my tips were able to help you out on being more productive with your to do list’s. Also if you haven’t heard myself and a few of my friends will be teaching an amazing Planner 101 class exclusively for Cocoa Daisy. A lot of great content will be included as well as videos that you have never seen before from your favorite YouTubers! Definitely a lot of love and dedication is poured into this project and we would love for you to swing by and participate!  CLICK HERE TO ADD THE CLASS AND OR KIT!
Also if you’d like to check out June’s Daisy Day Planner Kit and Add-On here’s the Video:
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Until Next Time!

Florence Antonette

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  1. Tricia Romo

    I really love the call to action words tip! I’ve never thought of that but it makes sense!! Great post

    • florenceantonette

      Thank you Tricia!

  2. Melissa Bell

    Ohhh I love the action words! I’m going to be more intentional with my lists now. Thanks for the tips. You rock!


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