Love is in the Air….


It certainly is. It is Valentines Day this weekend after all.

A few of us Cocoa Daisy girls have been making Valentines inspired projects this month with our ‘Journal Entry’ February Kits.

I’m going to start by sharing this amazing mini book made by Ashli.

Ashli: ”I made a mini book all about everything I love right now in each of my family members. This is the fourth year that I have made one of these and it is so fun to look back! This year, I used an old planner I found at a thrift store”.

Jody also got super creative this month.

This is what Jody said: ”The first project is a wooden spool with a clothespin used as a mini photo holder. It could sit on a desktop or windowsill and be fun for switching out photos or word/quote cards”.

”These other Valentine goodies are a jar filled with candies and wrapped with fabric. I will made a tag and it will be a sweet gift for one of my kid’s teachers, and the tiny pack of coffee is very simply embellished and is going to a neighbor with a mini loaf of banana bread. I hope these basic ideas jumpstart some of the Daisies as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There is still plenty of time to make something and share the love!”.

And I made a Valentines Token Book for my family.

I’ve popped it inside one of our muslin bags that the DITL Kits come in and put some heart chocolates and candy inside.

I’ve used the little cards from the DITL Kit to make this little book.


I wrote each token on to a little post it arrow that I use on my planner.


Are you making anything for Valentines this week? We’d love to see if you are, Come and share with us on the MB here please.

Happy Valentines to you xxx

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