Pen Test & My Weekly Pages

CD Jan 1-11

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you a quick pen test / swatch chart that I write on Daisy Day planner pages – to show you how well the papers hold the inks – even fountain pen inks and markers.

And here’s the close-up of the page that i did a quick pen test.

CD Jan 1-8

CD Jan 1-9

CD Jan 1-10

And the back of the page -which you can see only the Lamy Safari (fine nib and Pilot Twin Marker bleed through. And some of the orbs like Monami & Staedler Triplus Finaliner and Pigma Micron pens would have more show through (which you could see the shadowing of the writing from the back page).
Definition of bleed through: When paper is too thin or the ink applied too heavily the color can bleed or seep through to the other side. This is known as bleed-through. Using the right paper for the type of ink coverage required can eliminate bleed-through. (quoted from About Tech)

I am so happy to say that even my Lamy Safari don’t bleed through the paper too much!

And here’s some of the photos of my weekly pages. I am so glad that Cocoa Daisy finally added Week on 2 pages into the Daisy Day Planner and I am seriously in love with it.


CD Jan 1-2

CD Jan 1-3


CD Jan 1-4

CD Jan 1-5

CD Jan 1-6


CD Jan 1-7


2015 Resolution-3

I also added an inspirational quote on the notepad paper that came with the kit to serve as daily reminder. Love how cute the illustrations are =)

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoy planning your days using the new weekly pages from the Daisy Day Planner too!

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