Project Art – October

Welcome to the Project Art post of the month! 🙂 There are lots of fun goodies in this kit – one jar of Whipped Spackle from Faber Castell, 3 Faber Castell  Gelato double scoop sticks (big!) and 3 fab Princeton Catalyst tools!

The Gelatos come in the colours Bubble Gum, Metallic Mint and Margarita.


Gelatos are acid-free, creamy and vibrant. They can be blended, with our without water. In the image below, I’m using water and a brush to dissolve them.

dissolving gelatos

When reading on the jar of the Whipped Spackle, it says that it’s a “heavy textured gesso with the consistency of icing”. The consistency is really cool. It’s so light, but can still be used to create lots of dimension.


You can mix the spackle with the gelatos to colour it. I rubbed the gelato agains the plastic lid and then used a palette knife to mix.


You can use the spackle – coloured or not – with masks and stencils. Here I used one of the Fragments, from last month’s kit. The spackle dries matte and I really like the finish.


To finish this page I first added some of the Margarita Gelato on top of the pink. I then cut the “shine” out of one of the DITL cards and used my sewing machien to attach it to the doily. I added the “LIFE” rub on and some golden dots. I also splattered some black mist on top.

shine vers2

For my next page I started out with gesso (because the Whipped Spackle was still somewhere inbetween Christine’s house and mine!) and made patterns with the Silicone Blade Tool (the orange). The effect turned out like woodgrain! I really LOVE these tools! The wooden handles feel so good to hold and I love that they are heat- and solvent resistant. I don’t have to worry to ruin them. I used the Metallic Mint Gelato to add colour.


If you have seen my recent paintings, you may recognize this pattern that I drew. I have repeated it in different ways many times lately. It’s so easy to feel that you constantly have to come up with something new, but I think repeating is good for you! It’s probably when you repeat something many times that you suddenly come up with the version that you love!

I used a pen to draw and then added colour outside my shapes, using the DinaW acrylic paint.



I added some white gesso, to tone down the pink. The paint also dissolved some of the Gelato underneath and they mixed a bit, giving rise to the more purple look. I added journaling and white acrylic ink, plus the golden letters and the cute glasses.

for real vers2

Next is a cool pattern that I created using the Contour tool (the green) and gesso. By moving it in circular motions, spiral patterns appeared. At the top of the image I used my finger to smudge the pink Gelato over the pattern.

pink patterns

I also tried adding blobs of gesso and yellow and orange acrylic paint and mix it directly using the Contour tool.


I ended up with a grid pattern…


On top of this pattern I later ont tried to add some mist through a stencil and I think the texture looks pretty cool.


Next, I used some of the pink Gelato (Bubble Gum) to achieve a watercolour-like effect on top of stamped hearts. On top of the Gelato, I added some gesso using a stencil.


I then added mist – smaller dark, splatters and yellow drippings.


To finish my page I added the “you and me”. I cut the circle out of one of the patterned papers. I also glued down some string around the circle and added a few wood veneers.

you and me vers2

That’s all for today! Have fun and please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Sherry C.

    Gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to play with the tools from the kit. I’ve enjoyed seeing your many different approaches to the stacked drawing. Each one is so different, but all are stunning! Thanks for the fab tutorial!

    • AnnaB

      Thank you so very much! I hope you’ll love the tools!

  2. Denise M

    Anna these are so cool, I love the idea of coloring the gesso!!


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