Project Art – July

It’s time for a new Project Art post! The July Project Art kit contained eight Letraset Promarkers, in the colours Mango, Lipstick Red, Carmine, Lime Green, Bright Green, Turquoise, Marine and Aegean. The kit also contained beautiful Maya Road mists in Turquoise Metallic and in Sunflower Yellow – all packed up in one of the cute little bags.

CD Project Art July 650

The Promarkers are alcoholed based markers that are quick-drying, non-toxic and that can be applied to many different surfaces such as glass, acetate, plastic, ceramic, wood, metal, paper and more.

You can layer and blend the colours and depth can be achieved in your drawings either by layering the same colour to a various extent, or by using two different shades of the same colour and blend them together.

Here is a tiny example of how I used the lighter Lime Green and the slightly darker Bright Green. I usually start out by applying the lighter colour. I then add the darker colour and go back with the lighter pen, blending the colours together. Small, circular motions works best.

shading 650

Since you can use the pens also on glossy surfaces, you can for example add colour to decorations like buttons. By using several colours you can get fun effects like the marbeled look.


For my first journal page I decided to start out on page that I’d previously prepared with gesso, using the sew easy template from the July main kit to write words, instead of stitching words. Using a pencil I lightly got the dots onto my page. I then used a black pen to outline the words and coloured them in with the Promarkers. It’s a good idea to always test the pen + the markers to make sure that they go well together!

stitching template


life2 650

I then added some Inktense pencil to the background (they are still available – check out the June 2013 Project Art kit). I actually had some bleeding from the Promarkers – mostly from the green one – when adding the water to dissolve the Inktense pigment. I wasn’t expecting this and I’m wondering if it happened because the Promarker ink wasn’t completely dry. It behaves differently on different surfaces and it doesn’t soak into the paper and dry as quickly when applied onto the gesso, compared to when used on a non-gessoed surface. Anyway… you probably know by now that I don’t care that much about “perfect” and I don’t mind the bleeding that happened.

life3 650

I then traced some leaves onto paper, using a stencil.


I coloured the leaves using both green pens, blending them together, and then cut the leaves out and paired them with stamped flowers (using one of the flowers from the Beautiful Day Floral Stamp set).

life6 650

To finish my page I added scallops to my journaling spots and I also splattered some of the Sunshine Yellow Maya Road mist over my page. I am so sorry about the blurring, but sometimes things get a little too personal. 🙂


Another idea is to use the Sew Easy template to add lettering to a transparency!


My next page was started with lots of stamping using the really cool tag from the Vintage Travel stamp set.

going places1

I then painted the whole page with the Turquoise Metallic Maya mist and I added a piece of the viewfinder paper from the main kit, along with some small pieces of patterned paper. I stitched the viewfinder piece in place and added stickers from the Scenic Route add on. One of my coloured buttons also made it onto this page.

going places finished

Next I started with a background painted with Dina Wakley acrylic paint. On top of the paint I sprayed the Turqouise Metallic Maya mist, through a stencil. I then used the Sew Easy template to write the word “remember”.

remember första 650

I used the chisel tip to colour some of the Jillibean chipboard letters from the main kit. They have a glossy finish, but can still be coloured using the Promarkers.

remember1 650

I am mixing Swedish and English here… the words in Swedish say “don’t hesitate”.

remember2 650

To finish my page I added some white details (using a Sharpie PosterPaint pen) journaling and stickers…

remember finished

For my last page I finally tried something that I’ve been wanting to try for some time now – I made a zengangle inspired pattern! There are so much info about zentangling out there and if you go to YouTube and search for Zengangle or Zengangle patterns you’ll find lots of videos showing you exactly how to draw these patterns and many more!

I drew an outline of my hand and started filling my hand with patterns. I first used a pencil and then filled everything in and erased the pencil marks.

hand1 650

This is how I made the patterns – at first ignoring the hand and focusing on the pattern and then trying to make sure to only fill in those parts being inside the hand.

hand2 650

When the hand was filled, this is what I had… The patterns look complicated, but the fabulous YouTube tutorials broke down each pattern in small, small steps, making it quite easy!

hand3 650 vers2

I then started colouring. This was made directly in my journal, no gesso on the pages. I used the Lime Green and the Bright Green together and blended them to add shading.

hand4 650

In this image you can see what a difference the shading does!

hand5 650

When I was happy with the hand I added a “hello” (again using the Sew Easy Template), some journaling and a couple of cute stickers from the Scenic Route add on mentioned above. I also added some shading using a pencil.

hand finished 650

I have to say that drawing patterns like this was really addictive and fun! I highly recommend that you try it out if you haven’t already!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed these ideas and that you are joining us during the crop this weekend!


  1. Sherry C.

    So many gorgeous projects, Anna! The colored buttons are so cool! I esp. love the hand project, your doodling art is amazing!

  2. Jody Ferlaak on Facebook

    I am so inspired each month by all your techniques and ideas, Anna! You make it appear beautiful and with such ease. I just might need a Project Art subscription after all!

  3. Cindy

    Thanks for this great tutorial! I bought these this month but didn’t have a clue how to use them. So glad I did!! Love the buttons and zentangling the best but all of these ideas are wonderful! I also saw a cool 3-d drawing of your hand on Facebook using these,

  4. Shannon

    Full of beauty and creativity!! So many ways to use these pens and you did a wonderful job of all. Full of inspiration.

  5. Julie B

    Inspiring post! Since we were out of the country when this kit came online, I missed out but am inspired to try other pens/markers/pencils with this technique. Love, love, love your Zengangle hand! Thank you so much!

  6. Laura C - Michigan

    Every month you outdo the month before. This is awesome Anna!

  7. Laura

    Love these pages. How did you find the promarkers reacted with the dylusions journal? I happily doodled away only to find the ink had gone through several pages. Any tips?

    • AnnaB

      Your question made me realize that I totally forgot the section about paper and bleeding that I had the intention to write! I’m so sorry! The pens do bleed through many types of papers, but as long as you are aware of that – it’s not a huge problem for me. I make sure to use gesso and/or paint on the other side, to cover up the bleeding. I used my Dylusions journal when I did the hand zentangle and the opposite pages were blank when I started. They now have bleeding, I will just cover that up! I really hope you didn’t ruin any of the pages you had already created!

      • Laura

        I didn’t ruin anything – gesso fixes everything! Bleeding through is the only thing I dislike about pro markers, it puts me off using them. However you have inspired me to give them another chance, thanks Anna.


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