January Kit Secrets

This is a little bonus post for you this month. Let’s call it a ‘Super bowl widow’ post. Afterall, that’s what I am tonight. Am I the only one tonight???? I plan to spend my evening scrapping instead.

I asked the other Daisy Designers if they had any kit secrets to share with us from using their January Kits. I know that all the excitement it geared around the lovely new ‘Colour Swatch Kit’ right now, but obviously non of you have your hands on that one…yet : )  So whilst you are happy playing with your January ‘Blueprint’ kit, we thought we’d let you in to a few of our secrets.   This post is all about those moments when you see how something was used or made and think ”I would never have thought of that”.

I’m starting with Anna’s use of sequins. Can you tell that the flower petals were made from sequins? I certainly didn’t.

Anna used these sequins from the ‘paint chip’ addon and glued them together with glossy accents and added a resin flower on top. I would never have thought to do that.

Ashley has two tips for us.

1. Use your glue gun to adhere those sequins! But don’t try to use your heat gun to melt away all of those little glue gun glue strings… because you’ll melt your sequins, too!

And tip 2. Cut apart cute cards when layering! No one can tell there’s nothing under that top layer, and this way you can save a great card to use on two layouts, like I did with this stitched arrow card on these two pages:

Thanks Ashley. That’s so cool. You would never have thought looking at those two LO’s that it’s the one journal card that was used.

Emily is next with her golden secret. Emily said that she needed more gold on her LO, so she spray painted the fuchia letters gold. It all fits together so well now.

And finally my tip for you. I loved the Crate Paper with the cameras on that came in the Mian Kit so much, but I wanted to use it as a base and then half way through I decided that I wanted to use a couple of the cameras as embellishments. What to do??  Simple, I unstuck everything and cut out a hole of the paper which had 2 cameras on. I then stuck everything back down again over the hole. This is the LO from the back with the hole.

Then I made my little camera embellishments from the same piece of paper. Double the fun.

I hope you have enjoyed this bonus blog post and if you like me, you aren’t watching the Superbowl tonight, come and stop by the message board tonight and say ‘Hi’.

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  1. Suz Mannecke

    So many creative ideas here! TFS all!


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