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Hello everyone.  Enjoying the delicious change of season?

There is lots of lovely work in the gallery again this month but first up I want to introduce you to someone who most of you already know.  Terry is a staple on the boards here at Cocoa Daisy and her clean, simple style and outstanding photos fill her gallery with tons of eye candy. She is also a silver fox!


In her own words:

Hi. My name is Terry, and I live in WNY with my husband and three boys. Well, I should say three young men, as they’ll turn 17, 19 and 21 by the end of summer, but they still act like boys! We like to keep busy, and I like to record all the wonderful memories. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved taking pictures. A love I inherited from my Dad. So when I was invited to a scrapbooking party 15 years ago, I just had to check it out. I started scrapbooking then, and never looked back. Cocoa Daisy has been a big part of my scrapbooking life for the last 2.5 years, and I’ve watched myself stretch and grow. At heart, I’m still a simple scrapper, but since joining the Daisies I’ve learned so much, and tried many new techniques. When I’m not playing with my camera or scrapbooking, I like to read, walk, hike, bake and spend as much time outdoors as I can. I also love nights out with the girls. Living in a house filled with testosterone, I need to soak up as much estrogen as I can! Here are 5 random facts about me…

1. My absolute, hands down favorite color is PINKI! With three boys, it gets hard to use it on my scrapbook pages, but I try to sneak it in every now and again.

2. I loooove collecting rocks! It drives my boys crazy though, because they end up carrying them for me. I mainly use them outdoors in my garden or on my patio, but you’ll find them here and there indoors as well.

3. I have NO sense of direction. I tease that I could get lost in my own backyard. Garmin is my best friend!

4. My family and I have been IN, four of the five Great Lakes. Only Lake Superior left to conquer, but it’s only a matter of time.

5. I don’t like to cook. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to BAKE…cookies, cakes, muffins (I’ve yet to make a pie). But cooking dinner? Not so much!

I don’t do much with social media, but I’ve just recently started an Instagram account. You can find me at

Terry has an amazing style and her gallery is filled with such beautiful layouts.  Her photography and love of her family really stand out.  These are just a few of my favorites but I admit to having a hard time choosing.  Gorgeous right?  Love you Terry!!  So glad you hang with us here.  I love rocks to!



Terry 2

Terry wander

Full lace wigs


Okay on to the gallery.

First up is carolynhasacat with this wonderful layout.  The title work is so adorable. The photos totally make me laugh!



Then we have Sylvia’s beauty here.  I love the touches of gold and the black and white patterns with the pink.  So pretty!


Then we have this glorious pocket page by MissKim.  I love the colors and placement of the DITL cards.  Great spread Kim!

Vinyl Texture Backdrops

Last up is jbonomo with this fantastic layout.  I love the chevron design which works so well with the title and photo.  I think it’s with modeling paste?


There are lots more where these came from people.  I challenge you to leave 3 comments today in the gallery.  Ready, Set……Go.


  1. Julie b

    Yeah, Terry! Great photo and yes, absolutely love her gallery which is incredible. It has been filling up so quickly as she is doing a 100 day creative challenge. Thank you, Denise and thank you for the shout out. It is texture paste; dries quickly, lots of texture, not as white and you can still see a hint of the paper beneath.

  2. Lisa Flaherty (jjflair)

    Love learning more about Terry. She is a sweetie and I love the stories she shares and the clean, graphic way she scraps. Great little teasers from the Gallery! 🙂

  3. Anna Ekman

    It is always fun to read about one of you, and see some amazing work.

  4. TerryB

    Thank you Denise, and gals, for all the kind words. 🙂


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