Layouts of the Month

Good morning everyone!  I am several days late in posting this month gallery eye spy but I hope you will understand.  I think I am still in holiday mode!

This month everyone was so busy and there was less activity in the gallery than usual but I imagine there will be lots this next month!  I did however find several layouts that caught my eye.

First up is Aliza.  It’s no secret that Aliza’s work is a favorite of mine.  She has two boys, is a teacher and lives in my old neck of the woods.  We have lots in common!  I love the little sparkly bits on this.  The best part is the story.  She shares it with words, but also with photos.  As they celebrate the 8 nights of Chanukkah they may sing off key but they sing.  They sing with lots of love.

This card was made by Lisa Flaherty with her new Geli plate.  I can’t wait to see what else she creates with her new toy!!

And last of all this one by Ami.  I adore the way she used the stamps for the background and the touches of purple.  Gorgeous.

Hope you all are enjoying a great creative start to your new year!  I look forward to seeing the gallery fill up with all your new creations this month.



  1. Anna Ekman

    🙂 lovely card and a great layout.


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