This is how YOU use it. Today is Cocoa Daisy Community Day!

With a new month just a few days old we thought we would look back through Instagram and the Hashtag #cocoadaisycommunity to see what you created with the Cocoa Daisy Planner kits in the past month. Look at what we found! Thank you for sharing your ideas all over the internet, there is so much inspiration to be found!

Cassi Tarquinio shared these photos in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans group on facebook. She is using the new B6 Daisy Dori inserts for her knitting projects. We love to see how versatile our inserts are!

Debbie Clark is an avid journaler. She share these beautiful flowers that she designed using the bits and pieces coming in the kits very creatively. She says: “Mid morning, southern exposure, right by the window, winter skies, A little bit of light! I’m not sure if you want to see my pages, but I do love to visit this planner journal and say a little about my days. 😊💞💖✨Have a warm and cozy time today!🤗” Head on over to her instagram feed where she shares more of her journaling inspiration!

Kristen shared an empty look at her already decorated weekly spread ready to be filled with all the tasks, events and appointments throughout the week in her personal ring planner.

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Michelle shared this inspiring quote that she lettered in her Daisy Dori insert with us: “January seems to be the month that was made for this quote.”

Jill thinks that the January Cocoa Daisy Planner kits were perfect to hold “my bucket list of places I would love to go to.”

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Monica created a book to hold all her 2017 Cocoa Daisy planner inserts. She also has a video on youtube where you can get a closer look at the inside!

Belinda Jane shared this beautiful memory planning spread in her A5 pages that she binds using discs. We love the fun mix of hand lettering and stickers.

Finally here is a Bullet Journal spread by Diana who used washi tape and the patterned paper to decorate her monthly spread.

Thanks again for the huge inspiration shared both on instagram and in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans group on facebook! Don’t forget to use the Hashtag #cocoadaisycommunity when sharing your photos so that we can easily find you and feature your photo in the next blogpost!

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    thank you Simone 🙂

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you for always sharing your love!


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