October Memory Keeping Guest Designer Recap | Shannon Dombkowski

Shannon Dombkowski


I love a large photo in a Traveler’s Notebook. It’s a style that I use often – especially when I have a photo that I want to spotlight. There are a whole host of configurations that I use on the opposite page but a recent favorite of mine is a collage of embellishments and stamps. I try to keep this looking neat and cohesive by arranging them in a loose grid. I also like to add a few similar embellishments throughout the grid to weave that common thread that says “oh yes, these all go together!” In this case, I used leaves throughout the page to tie it all together.
Pocket Page:
This year, I made the switch from weekly documenting to monthly documenting. Now, don’t get me wrong – I still end up with anywhere from 6-9 pages per month. But I’ve found that I greatly enjoy this monthly documenting style! One benefit is being able to put photos with the same look and feel on a page together. It doesn’t matter if some are from the beginning of the month and some are from the end. This has made my page creation process so much easier! On this page, my photos all have a warmer feel to them even though two are indoors and two are outdoors. If I had added a photo with a more cool vibe (an outdoor photo with lots of green and blue sky, for example) it would have thrown off the whole feel of the page. I do plan out all of my pages at the end of each month to make sure I’m pairing similar photos on my pages. Since I get asked often how I get such a cohesive feel to my pocket pages I thought I’d share my trick with you!
Treat Yourself:
Sometimes I struggle with Traveler’s Notebook layouts. I tend to fall back on my go-to styles often. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I want to try something fresh! That’s what I did here. I decided to create a visual triangle with points of focus at the top and bottom of the left page and in the center of the right page. This quote from the sticker pack was perfect for this photo of my sunflowers, which I have always viewed as a transitional flower. That stood alone as my top triangle point. To create my right triangle point, I simply added my title and a small bit of journaling. Then, I went all in on the bottom triangle point! I just kept adding layers upon layers. And doesn’t the fox just steal the show? I think this is a design I’ll try a few more times!
Chai Tea:
Any other chai tea lovers out there? It’s my favorite after lunch tea this time of year. I wanted to try a little corner detail with this layout but I thought that adding another patterned paper on top of this beautiful painted-look paper would be too much. Hello, exacto knife! Since the next page in the Traveler’s Notebook is white with small dots, I decided to cut the corner of the patterned page. I put my self-healing mat under the patterned page and grabbed my metal ruler to act as a guide. I just moved the ruler around until the triangle looked about right and then cut away the corner. I filled it with just a few embellishments and then added my title right at the edge of the patterned paper. I love that the alphabet stickers are a color that is so similar to the patterned paper so I ended up with a tone-on-tone look.
Thanks for following along with Shannon and her creations this month! Join us back next month to see more memory keeping ideas featuring the Gather collection.

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