Mini Albums with Evy and Odessa–Lots of Eye Candy

Hello, Daisies!

Today Evy and Odessa have some beautiful mini albums for you, there are lots of ideas and photos in this post, so let’s get right to it!

Evy’s made an album using past kits as she waits for her Serengeti Collection to show up in Italy:

For this month I have decided to show you something different: a mini album!

In this difficult and uncertain moment, I felt like happiness, color, and positivity and I created a small album where I will collect quotes and some photos.

Like many of you, the kits are coming to me too late due to this situation but I finally found a great way to use all the leftovers accumulated in the past months (and years)!

One thing I have always liked is the ability to coordinate different cocoa daisy kits because they are always different but with a common thread!
Making it is very simple:

I cut with the big shot many hexagons in 2 sizes (you can make any shape) from the paper of different kits, I pierced and I inserted a metal opening ring.

At this point, I have always used embellishments of various kits to make some decorations and I have inserted some quotes.

I had a lot of fun mixing stickers, puffy stickers and chipboards.

Finally, I created a small charm that I tied with the twine to the opening ring.
And here it is, ready!


Next, we have a mini-album from Odessa using the Serengeti Memory Keeping Collection:

It’s no secret that I love animal print so I was so excited to open up my Serengeti kits! I just got a bunch of photos back from being printed and decided to use some photo strips to make a fun little mini album.

I used a bunch of the papers from the Memory Keeping Kits to make my mini album. I also used this bold black and white paper from the Planner Kit to create a little pocket to hold my mini album. I used the fold in the paper as the bottom of the pocket and cut it a bit wider than my little album. I used a strong adhesive to close it up and a circular punch on the top to create the notch. The half-circle notch seemed like the perfect place for one of the many circular stickers in the Memory keeping kits so I used one on my album there with one of the rectangular stickers from the Memory Keeping Sticker kit as a background.

Making a folding album like this is pretty simple. I picked a few papers I loved from the Memory Keeping kits and simply cut them in half to make panels. I then used washi on the wrong side to attach the 3 different panels. I did this twice, once with each set of half papers and then attached two panels together so that the washi acts as an invisible hinge. This red-spotted paper might be my favourite.

Opened up you can see the different papers I chose, more animal print, and a nice grid. I attached my photo strips to them and had a lot of fun with all the different embellishments from the kits. Leopard print washi, lots of phrase stickers, those gorgeous glitter enamel dots, rub ons, and lots of die cut embellishments. It was just a lot of fun to work on.

All the word strips in the kits are so great for adding journalling without adding writing to the page and the Serengeti kits had so much to choose from!

Finally, I decided to glam up my outer pocket. The Memory Keeping Classified kit came with a bottle of Golden Sunset Nuno Glitter Drops so I added my own touch to the bold pattern by going over stripes and lines and filling in some of the dots. I am not usually someone who uses paint or anything like that in my projects but these little bottles are so handy for adding a touch of paint without needing brushes or other equipment because they apply so nicely straight from the bottle.

I hope you enjoyed this look into my little mini album!

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