November Planner Setup in a Personal Ring Planner.

Hey everyone! I can’t can’t believe I’m here writing my NOVEMBER setup blog!!! This year has flown by!! This has been the most fun year, chatting with you all every month about Cocoa Daisy. I have seriously enjoyed every second of it and I hope you have too!

I’m going to share my November setup with you all. If you’ve read my other posts or seen my flip throughs on YouTube, then you know that I don’t usually deviate too far from my typical planner setup. I have what information I need in my planner and I keep it in there – otherwise I’d forget it! I do go through cycles of extremely functional planning verses more decorative planning. When my life is busy and super scheduled, I’m functional. When our schedule slows down and there’s not as many activities, I love to decorate! Right now I’m in a season of busyness, so I’ve been working on trimming my planner even more and making it as functional as possible. But I’m super looking forward to Christmas (when my schedule actually slows down!) and decorating my planner to my heart’s content with the gorgeous December kit!

Ok, back to November!! I took just a couple pictures for you to show you a couple things, but I left most of the detail and the explanation in the video!

Here is what I’m using this month. This is a Foxy Fix personal in spice salt (I know!!! I’m not in my Clove!!) I was originally going to save this for December because I knew the colors would pop against the white, but I got impatient and decided to use it for November as well!! I absolutely love how it looks!

Isn’t this gorgeous? I love it so much!!

This is one of my favorite spots! I loooove the chevrons and the foxy pattern side by side.

The patterns and colors in this month’s kit are breathtaking. I say this every month, but there’s Cocoa Daisy magic sprinkled in the kits – the patterns and colors look like they glow!!

And you know I have to share this gorgeous charm from our very own Mary Kay! I absolutely love this one and need to add the others I bought ASAP!!

That’s just a few of the highlights and my favorite things from my planner this month. I did actually change just a couple things in my setup this month – be sure to check out the video below and see the differences! And as always, feel free to leave a comment here with any questions or thoughts you have!!!

Thanks for joining me again Daisies! I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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  1. Casie Gutierrez

    I love the fox divider opposite the chevron! Beautiful goodies in your lovely planner! Have a blessed November!

    • jennbailey0706

      Thank you so much Casie!! You have a blessed November too!! Comment

  2. Simone Schermann

    This is perfect – so good that you have a tried and true setup that you use and only exchange the decoration!

    • jennbailey0706

      Thanks so much Simone! It definitely makes it so functional for me! Comment

  3. Denise Dayton

    Great ideas! Thank you! And where did you get the flower clip for the front?

    • jennbailey0706

      Thank you so much!!!
      I got the flower from Fir and Yew!

    • jennbailey0706

      Thank you so much! I got it from Fir and Yew. Comment

  4. Collectitall676

    Love your planner!
    How do I find Mary Kay to buy charms?

    • jennbailey0706

      Thank you!!! Her shop is Colibri Charms on Etsy! Comment


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