Anatomy of a Planner

Hello Daisies!

I am so excited to share with you the anatomy of my planner. Every month I have so much fun putting together and designing my planner. My planner consists of inserts, dividers, tabs, washi tape, pocket pages, book marks, clips, and the bits and baubles that make me happy. Most of what I use is functional with a few fun and decorative pieces thrown for pure enjoyment.

The dashboards from Cocoa Daisy are perfect as is but I usually add some of my own flair with washi, sequins, photos or whatever I have on hand. The divider tabs make organization easy!

This month I added some additional clear pocket dividers, one of which I made into a shaker box. I used the sequins that came in the memory keeping kit and sealed the top with washi tape so that the pocket is reusable. Tip: Use an old gift card to wrap some of the washi tape around and then you can slip it into your planner.

My inserts consist of the ring-bound personal sized planner pages that I use for memory keeping, the included to-do notes (which I love!), weekly and monthly planning, a book log, shop codes, and another insert for random notes and doodles.

I keep in between the pages or in the back pockets, page markers with an adhesive pocket (on the reverse side) to hold extra stickers. Because I use personal size which is narrow, I need to cut my stickers in half to get them to fit in the adhesive pocket. Tip: Not only does the oliclip keep items in place, it also works perfectly as a pen clip!

Before my monthly kit even arrives, I am already preparing my clips and charms for that month. Sometimes I end up with too many and have to switch them out! These are the current clips and charms that I have tucked in the pockets and on the page dividers. Tip: I washi tape my clips to my divider pages so that I don’t lose them.

I also love all the dangly book marks! Truth be told, I only use book marks in novels to keep my place because in my planner they are there purely for decoration.

A lot of my bits and baubles I reuse through out the year in different set ups!

I hope you enjoyed seeing up close what I keep in my planner. Feel free to tag me in the FaceBook Cocoa Daisy Planner Fan group if you have any questions. I plan on following up this month with a YouTube video of this planner, too!

You can also find me on Instagram @cherylreiter

Thank you!

Cheryl Reiter



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  1. Caterina

    Where did you get those sparkly owls on the bookmarks?!!

  2. Simone Schermann

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing setup! I loved looking at the bones of it!

    • Cheryl Reiter

      Thank you so much, Simone!


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