How to: Cut a b6 Dori to a6

Hello Daisies! I hope everyone had a wonderful July! I can’t believe it’s already August, and time to jump into our new Cocoa Daisy kits! Where has the summer gone? I’m currently on vacation, and as soon as I get back we are going to be jumping into school, sports, and activities! So I’m trying to streeeeetch this vacation out as long as possible – but that didn’t stop me from setting up my planner with my gorgeous August goodies! 

Today on the blog I’m showing you how to cut down your b6 dori to a6 size. I did film a video (it’s down below), but as usual, I talk waaaaaay too much. I’m sorry about that! I just chatter like y’all are sitting right there in the room with me. But I go through page by page and show how I cut my dori down. 

It’s funny how our planning styles change, isn’t it? I’ve been a personal size planner for years, and then fell in love with the personal wide size. So when Cocoa Daisy released their b6 dori kits, I was sooo excited. That was the perfect size to cut into a personal wide insert! So I used that for a few months and absolutely loved it….and then I discovered a6 size. And it is the best size for having space to write, while still being able to carry around easily. And for all it’s being so easy and small to carry around, the inserts themselves aren’t that much smaller than personal wide! 

So I started using a6 and loved it, but just couldn’t stop using my cocoa Daisy inserts. Then I saw Alissa’s post in the Cocoa Daisy Facebook group showing how she cut down the b6, and I was SO excited! I immediately cut down my b6, and have been using it ever since! 

The technical size of a6 inserts is 4.1×5.8. I’ll be honest, when I cut mine down I go anywhere from that size to 4×6 – if it’s close, I just go with it. If you’re wanting to do the exact measurements, measuring with the CM measure on the paper cutter works better. 

I filmed a (super long, super chatty) video for you to watch on how I cut my inserts, and how they look while they’re punched and in my Foxy. I also showed at the beginning how to put rings into a TN, for people who want to give different sizes a try! 

Here are a few pictures comparing the two sizes: