How to jump start your mojo (or even try Memory Keeping for the first time)!

Welcome Daisy family!  How has your month been going?  This month I’ve found myself lacking in energy to get creative (or really anything), but that didn’t mean the kit didn’t bring about some lovely things, I just had to go about “warming” up a bit first!  I love looking back at a month and seeing how I was inspired by a kit (or kits) and how I thought I was so uncreative, but really I am so pleased with what stories I did tell.

I started creating by doing something rather simple, no design decisions, just scrapping.  I caught up on another 2 weeks in my Project Life album.  For those of you just jumping into scrapping, maybe coming from the Planner world, this option is an easy crossover as you take pictures add in a few DITL cards and you are done.  You can spruce things up as much (or as little) as you’d like with stickers, chipboard (notice I used a few of the circle ones), and stamping!

My next project as I was still pretty much drained of creativity was to go small and create some cards.  Again I chose to focus on those fun chipboard circles and stamps as they were my favorite of the kits!  My other card was based on creating an embellishment cluster on a tag, it could have been added to a layout just as easily or even a planner dashboard.

Then I got my scrapping groove on and while I continued small I got more into playing with the products, see I just need to “warm” up!  This was another page in my Traveler’s Notebook about me, you can see my journaling on my blog if you are interested.

Then I went for the 12×12!  I again decided to rock the circles and chose to cut my pictures into circles to tell the story of the bubbles at Downtown Disney.  I love how this page turned out; it isn’t my normal, but seeing that my creativity was “warm” it was fun to go for the unknown.

I have created a YouTube video with my process, enjoy!

My final page was created for the recipe challenge this past weekend, I’ve got to be honest, I kinda cheated as I designed the page I wanted and then added a few touches to “fit” the recipe…  but again, I am so pleased with this layout and the story it told.

I want to encourage you, if you’ve been too busy, too tired, too sick, too sad, too busy with life just make the time, start small if you need.  As you exercise your creative muscles they will loosen up (and grow) allowing you to tell the story of your life, and that is worth it!

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  1. jkoteles

    Really nice Wendy! Thanks for the inspiration.


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