May B6 Dutch Door Insert

Welcome Daisy family!  Wendy here today sharing my planner set-up for the month of May.  I gave a little sneak on my IG last month of what I was trying and I was so excited to work it out this month in my B6 which is my everyday carry.

Have you seen the newest Dutch Door insert fad that seems to be around?  Well, I loved the idea and so I did some figuring and realized, not only could I combine the Dutch Door inserts, but the new box stickers would also fit in this new set-up!

Here is my goal section, I love adding these to my post-it notes each month… Maybe someday I’ll actually achieve the goals.

Using the gorgeous acetate!

My Meal plan and my monthly tracker.

And a look at my Dutch Door set-up – I love that the box stickers fit right into the area!

I’ve created a video walking you through how I went about making my Cocoa Daisy planner into a Dutch Door insert.

Make sure you also check out Lindsay’s video as she did a B6 Dutch Door in a different manner!


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  1. Simone Schermann

    I can’t wait to watch the video, thanks so much for sharing!


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