Adding Acetate to a Personal Size Planner (Can be adjusted to suit any size)

Hi Daisies, I was so excited to tear into my May kit this month! One of the first things to catch my eye was the large square acetate with colored pencils and “write your story.” My mind immediately started turning over the best way to trim it down and get the most use out of it. I use a personal rings planner and the inserts measure 3.75 inches by 6.75 inches. I did not want to waste any of this beautiful accessory.

When deciding on where to cut an acetate or vellum that has a directional pattern, I always take a piece of paper that is the size I want it to be and lay it underneath. This gives me an idea of how it will look once cut.

I move the paper around until I am happy with where it is and then I mark it with a very tiny dot using a sharpie. I am going to need to lose one pencil but I am going to save it for a later project.

This acetate has a very light grid pattern which makes it easier to center it.

Now that I have the pencils trimmed off, I want to trim the phrase. Again, I am going to need to lose a little bit of the edge for it to fit in my planner but by having the card stock underneath I can see exactly where I will need to cut it.

Once I trimmed them both, I hole punched them and laid them on top of each other in my planner and I love the effect!

Click HERE for a quick video on my Instagram to walk you through my process.


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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks so much for the helpful instructions! I love how you layered them so beautifully on top of each other.


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