How realize a scrapbook layout background with ink and bubble wrap, by Estelle


This is Estelle aka Opsite, on Cocoa Daisy ‘s blog today.

I will share with you a trick to do a layout background using acrylic ink.

I found out that the turquoise ink in February’s kits was simply marvelous and I immediately wanted to use it!

Let me show you a very simple technic!

You can do it with your children on the week-end, they will love it. It is that simple!

This also is a very clean technic, don’t expect any messes (I am talking to all of you that are a little bit afraid of splatters, I know there are some…). No ink splatter, I promise 😉

I have called this technic bubble wrap!!


Here’s how to do it:

I will show you in the video all the steps of the layout realization.

Add a small amount of ink on top of the bubbles of the bubble wrap. Spread the ink with a paintbrush. Apply the bubble wrap on top of the paper, tap slightly and remove the bubble wrap.

Now you can see all the bubbles printed out!

Now you have an inventive background that was easily and cleanly done.


I hope that you will enjoy to experiment with this techic and don’t hesitate to show us your projects!


Here is my layout:

Part 1: Stencil

I have used a stencil from the classified kit

To apply the distress ink, I have used a blending tool and I have turned around the stencil to have the patterns in multiple directions.

Part 2:  Bubble wrap technic

You can find above how it was done. In summary, ink applied on top of bubble wrap

Part 3: Painting

I applied color inside of the stencil’s circles. I have mixed turquoise ink with some darker blue to have a slightly darker hue than turquoise. This way, the layout will be a little bit more contrasted.

I have then applied the ink with a paintbrush

Part 4: Stencil

I have used the stencil with the numbers and chose a dark turquoise to stay in the same color scheme but adding some variations in hues.

I applied the stencils at different places on the layout.

Part 5 : Stamping

For this step, I have used the December, January and February’s Memory keeping Pocket stamps.

I have stamped words or sentences with black ink.

I like to add words that are related to the picture of the layout (family, moments, happiness) and I like to use different fonts. I is not really journaling, I consider it more as another part of background design.

And I  used French words stamps too.

Part 6: Die cutting

The layout title is done with the word “Moments” that is cut with a die and a Big Shot.

Part: 7 Stamping

I have stamped again, this time with a texture stamp. It is a very discrete squared pattern. I chose a very light green.

The goal for this step is to link all the layout items together.

They are all linked to each other even discretely sometimes. This gives a feeling of harmony.

Part 8: Embellishments

In this last part, I decorate the layout

I also added foliage die cuts that you will be able to find in this kit.

To cut out the foliage I have used the green paper from the Memory Keeping kit.

I have added different items such as badges, thread, stickers.

I also add volume with 3D foam (like the “hello beautiful” circle tag)


There you go, you now know all the tricks and steps I did to put this layout together.

You can do it exactly identically or you can use the technics and adapt them to your own style.

Anything you choose to do, please show us!!

You can leave the link to your page on the comments and it will be our great pleasure to go and check them out.

Have a ton of fun.


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