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Finding the right app to make collages in is not an easy task. By recomendation I tried PicFrame out and it was instant love! The first thing you do is choose what shape you want, as I print my photos on 4×6 I pick the 4:3 or 3:4 setting. The only difference between the two is oriantation of the paper, you might have to try out which works best with your photoprinter. Then I go on and pick what frame to use, usually I just go for the one with two photos next to each other.

Once you press one of the frames you instantly go to the adjust part, if you don’t like the current frame you could just use the bar at the bottom and go back to frames. It’s actually quite fun to play around with! You could also play around with the size of the Squares by moving the lines around. If you want to you can adjust the border width under style, I’m lazy so I rarely do that. Instead I tap one of the grey areas and go to pick photos out.

By tapping a photo again I could choose to rotate,or mirror my photos. It’s that simple! To save my photo I go to share and hit save.

Be sure to edit your photos before you make your collages,

Something I like to do is to piece collages together, here I’ve used one of the side by side collages together with a collage with four photos (actually that’s two collages with side by side photos). This way I can use the bigger templates if I decide to scrap the photos in a larger format.

This is an example of what the photos look like printed and scrapped in my minidori. I love to mix the different kits together so I have bits and pieces from botht the memory keeping kits and the planner kits. Love that they now work seamless together!

If you visit my Instagram kaffekanAnna there is a flip through of my December Daily Project so far this month. I am sticking to the Planner fun concept and it is working brilliantly!


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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for sharing! Hope this is helpful for some of the Cocoa Daisy peeps!


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