My #listersgottalist Challenge on Daisy Day Planners

Hello everyone! Today it’s Sam here to show you how I use the A5 sized inserts in my creative planner. I am using a number of planners – normally personal sized are for my daily use. But for my creative outlet, I am switching in between the A5 sized planners that I have in my collection. I am using A5 sized as my creative planners because I do need plenty of space for my doodling, painting and collage etc.


So this month Cori from @theresetgirl has hosted a List Challenge called #listersgottalist (which you can find more info here). I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join this fun challenge. I want to make it fun and do-able for me so I decided to go minimalist, and do them on Daisy Day planner week-on-one-page inserts. All I need to do is to bring some project life cards / journalling cards, stickers, washi tapes and a pen then I can actually jot down the list anytime, anywhere.



I printed the list of a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it down to A5 sized, punched holes and slot it into my creative planner. I just decorated the list with some stickers and die cuts that are in the Daisy Day Planner April kit.


Instead of stamping dates on the weekly inserts, I added some circle dot stickers (which I colour with copic markers earlier) and stamp the numbers with the cute little wooden stamps from April kit. I love how simple & cute it turned out.



So this is my first week challenge – I skipped some of the list because i have no inspiration on what to write for the particular topics yet – I will revisit the topics whenever I have time or I will just skip the topic if I really have nothing on my list. I am trying to keep it fun and simple for my hectic schedule. I said hectic schedule because my toddler is having 2 weeks Easter break at the moment and staying home with him 24/7 makes me have lesser me-time and working hours.



Here’s the close up of the 1st week challenge – I just use up some stickers and washi tapes that I have prep earlier and leave on my work desk. And the rest of the weekly pages have been decorated briefly – I can add in more stickers whenever time permits or I am happy to just write down the daily list.






Thanks for looking! And I hope you have fun planning and being creative with these super versatile Daisy Day Planner kits!


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