Project Art – January

Helloooo! Welcome to the January Project Art post!

The kit this month contained  a Prima Color Bloom spray mist in Pressed Petal, a tube of Dina Wakley Gel Medium, Prima Art Ingredients Glass Beads in Crystal and Plum and 10 Jillibean Soup Corrugated Words.

My first page started out with a sketch of a face, using an image from a magazine as a reference.


I then added some blue Inktense pencil and dissolved it with a brush and some water. I also dipped the brush in the Color Bloom mist and painted the mist onto my page.


I added some black pen to the drawing and wrote some journaling in her hair. I also glued down some torn pieces from a book, using the Dina Wakley gel medium. The soft consistency of the gel is great for collaging!


I then took some distress paint out and added some blue and also a small amount of brushed pewter.


I decided to use one of the corrugated words and I also made some small yellow dots, using a thin stick.


I love how dimensional the dots are.


This is my finished page, after adding some more yellow, more black pen and some pink to her cheeks.

cd jan you vers2

My next page was one of those that didn’t turn out the way I wanted… but after making some changes along the way and I finally found a way to make it work. I started out with the mist and after spraying I added some matte medium, using a brush to smear the mist.


Next I added some white gesso using a stencil and when the gesso was dry I added a sticker and a feather that was cut out of a patterned paper, on top. I also added some of the crystal beads around the sticker, using the gel medium.


When the gel medium was dry I used the Color Bloom mist on top and I then took some acrylic inks out, painting with a brush.


I loved the look of the ink on top of the beads, but I wasn’t happy with the sticker. I tried splattering some blue acrylic ink over my page. I also stamped some tiny circles.


A close up of the beads…


Adding some pen… but I still wasn’t happy with the sticker…


Finally, I decided to cover the sticker up with a photo instead! I took the photo when I was on my way to the University last week and the “be you” hidden under the photo actually fit very well with my thoughts around this photo of the train station. 🙂


To finish my page I also added a couple of strips of patterned paper, using the gel medium to glue them down.

cd jan lovelife

My third page also started with the mist + matte medium as a base. I added white gesso on top, keeping the mist as a frame. On top of the white gesso I added some black gesso (by DinaW, from a previous PA kit), using a stencil.

I then took out the stitching template from the Goodnight Moon – DITL add on (still available in the store!) and stitched an arrow onto a piece of patterned paper. I painted one of the corrugated words white and I glued some of the plum beads down, one by one, onto my page. I also dug out a doily from my stash and stamped “don’t forget” using a stamp from the Nov planner kit.

life första

I also stapled some of the ribbon from the main kit onto the patterned paper.

cd jan life

I hope you enjoy playing with your kit! Please let me know if you have any questions!



  1. Deb L

    Love these Anna! I was very curious when I saw tthe beads in my kit, and I love what you’ve done with them…they look awesome on your pages!

  2. Shannon

    Whoa!! Creativity +++++ I just might be a Project Art convert soon!

  3. Suz Mannecke

    CommentEvery month you amaze me Anna!1 Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


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