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Good morning everyone! Sarah here this morning to share with you a spread in my memory planner using this months Cocoa daisy June planner kit.

Today I’m sharing with you my second full week spread. I went through and added my washi covering the dividing lines in my planner. They were originally blue and would have looked ok but I liked the green washi that matched the green in the great little pineapple card that I added to the right page. I don’t do a lot of pre prep on my pages, but I do like to go in and add the washi and sometimes a card here and there for more journaling or to add more pictures.

I do go in and add the things that I know I have to do during the week and then once the week is here I add things as I go too.  Like our AC going out or our daughter getting more teeth,lol. I try to add some journaling in when things happen because I dont always have a picture for every thing that happens and some that I do have pictures of aren’t things that will end up in my scrapbooking. This week there wasnt a ton going on, a lot of waiting to see if the air would get fixed and making sure the boys were packed for there up coming trip.

Since we didnt have a lot going on during the week, I went in and played with the stickers some and the tabs and such that came in the kit. I like to play with those things anyways but when I have a bit of a slow week I can play even more!

I added list of things to do this week and pictures of our fun coming back from dropping the boys off. Man was it a nightmare! But we made it home!! I added the card to the right and was planning on sticking more photos on it but I didn’t get to take the pictures I wanted because of the tire situation. So instead I went in and used one of the page inserts and fussy cut some of those pretty pineapples out and added them as pretty decoration. Planning and memory planning dosent always go as planned, but there are always pretty things that can be added to cover things up or add more bright and colorful fun.

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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for sharing! I love how this turned out!


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